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Hello, thanks for reporting the issue and sorry for the problem it caused. I tried to make a simple animation with multiple layers and an imported image of a different size and I saved it as a .pxo file, and everything was fine. I can't seem to replicate the issue unfortunately, and if I can't replicate it, it is really hard to find the issue and fix it. Is it possible to upload the broken file somewhere so I may take a look?

I'll try again to replicate it again though, but right now I'm busy with studying and I just started working on v0.7. I will do my best to find the issue though, and if I find something, I'll let you know. Thank you, and sorry for this.

Good Luck!

Yeah. I've been having the same trouble trying to replicate the issue.

Here's the broken file.

(1 edit)

Also, a suggestion: Can we have a way to increase the canvas size without affecting the image we were working on? Like, have the image be in the middle and all the new area outside it be transparant?


I agree that this is needed. I'll do my best to include canvas resizing in v0.7! :)

:D Good luck!

Any luck finding out what happened to the file that broke?


I'm afraid not. I did open the file you sent me and it is indeed not working properly, but I can't find what corrupted it in the first place. My best bet is that either some rare bug occurred and the file wasn't saved properly, or the file was corrupted some other way, perhaps unrelated to Pixelorama. That would explain why we can't reproduce it. Either way, I'm still going to have my eyes opened in case it is Pixelorama's fault.

Okay. I haven't had any files corrupt like that since, so hopefully it was just a weird one off bug. Thank you for looking.