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Aw gosh! Well I'm honored the game is worth it!

Yes, the world is unique but worry not, I actually make crossover stuff now and again for my Patrons, just for fun or for milestone rewards. Here's one comic I've made and then here's another! (And hey, the Solanaceae: Epilogue game will actually have some fun crossover type stuff in the future! So look out for that!)

And I'm also working on ANOTHER crossover comic as we speak, hehe. So you've got plenty to look forward to in that department, just not in this game series in particular! X)

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm! I'm gonna keep making fun stuff for you to enjoy!

I already read all those, and I loved them deeply<3<3<3<3.

But I was referring to a complete original story, like one of those good/bad crossovers movies.

Examples: The Avengers, Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, King Kong vs Godzilla, Rugrats Go Wild, Alien vs Predator, and etc...

Although I don't complain about your crossovers, I love them, please, keep doing them (^///^).

P.D .: In your new crossover will appear the characters of One-Eyed Lee, and Tomai (And other new characters)?

Honestly, I would like to see them interact with others, it seems fun XD.

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Oh, yay, thank you!

And oh! I see! I unfortunately don't have any big crossover projects like that planned, cuz it's not really what I focus on, but I can see the appeal!

And yeah, in the new comic the Tomai crew and Lee and Beracus appear, but they don't interact much, mostly they interact with Battam and Sal! (The comic mostly focuses on what characters I drew the most of in 2019!)

I can say with confidence that most of my characters uhh, do not like Lee because he's overbearing and a bit... creepy, haha. The sad truth!

Sincerely, I saw it coming...

...And that's why I even want to see them more interact (Specifically Lee interacting with others)!!!

I love those kinds of eccentric characters that cause eccentric reactions, eccentric conversations, and eccentric situations (or at least uncomfortable silences).

We could say that I love chaos just as much as justice and romance (≧∀≦).

Returning to the subject, don´t worry, do whatever you want, be true to yourself, that is the path to true love.

Surely, whatever you do, I will love it.



🥰 I'll keep making lots of fun stuff for you to enjoy! Promise!