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I love this pack! Although, the assets show shadows in the pictures, but when I downloaded and imported them into Unity, paint, etc., they didn't have shadows. I figured shadows were drawn on with the assets, but are they not included?

That's totally my bad, I didn't add the shadows cause from my experience I thought  it would be better to add them with the engine instead of having an static image (tho I might be completely wrong). I forgot to notify it in the pack's pages :(

Btw: Thank you so much for your support!!

I understand, it may be useful in some instances to not have shadows. However, in my specific case, it would be very useful to have shadows embedded in the sprites, so when I drag them into my game, they already look like they are a part of the world, if you get what I mean. So if it's not too much trouble, is it possible to add a duplicate pack with shadows like in the pics? I completely understand if you don't want to, it probably is a lot of work. I am still very happy with my purchase and love all the beautiful assets. :)

For the time being I'm not able to work on it, I'm sorry. I'm working on some stuff that is taking a huge part of my time, I hope you understand. I'm really glad you like them! It's great to know my work is making others happy, even if it's just a tiny bit :D