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It's custom made and it's included in the Pocket RPG pack :D


Yes, I plan on releasing more of these packs in the future. If you're interested, I upload 2-4 monsters every month on my Patreon: <3

Thank you!! Not really, but it was heavily inspired by hearthstone cause it's the only card game I've ever played, even if it was just a couple of games hehe

Thanks a lot Yana! I'm currently thinking about what to do next with this hahaha

Hi!! Nice suggestion, gimme a couple of weeks to finish some work and I'll add a handful of cars <3

Thanks a lot!! ToT

Thank you so much!!

Hi! Sorry but I have no plans to do license changes atm.

Hi! I'm really glad that you like it, it took me a bit of time to create it. The palette is already included in the pack, look for the file named pocket_pal.png !

Hey! Congrats on the release!!!

Yup, that should be enough, thanks for crediting me <3

Hey! Sorry, but I'm afraid that I know barely anything about how to use Unity :(

Thank you so so much <3

Hi! I'm currently working on a GUI focused pack. In the meantime I've been releasing monsters/cards and other sprites in my Patreon.

Tysm!!! <3

Thanks for the detialed explanation! You're absoutely right, either I should be more clear or show better the content. This pack was made with 4 colours and then re-colored to make more variations so I promise you that It can be done (in fact I can send you a small video with an early version if you want!).

In any case I'll upload a gif with the walking/skating animation too :D

Thanks a lot for your feedback and kind words, It makes me really happy reading that you love my work <3

Hi! I've added a new screenshot to the page with the card frames and a small monster animation, I'll think about showing more animations in the future (trying to prevent stealing, I apologize!)

Woops! My bad, I forgot to include the palette with the pack, I'll upload it next week with some additional goodies :D

Thank you!

Absolutely, I'm already planning more stuff :D

Thanks a lot for the feedback, those go straight to my TO-DO list <3

Thank you too! <3

Thanks a lot! I was trying really hard, so that's great to hear hahaha!

Tysm! The palette is made by me, haven't given it a name yet. I'd say the vinik-24 would be pretty similar to this if you want to check it!

Hey, no problem at all! You're absolutely right, I've been trying to diversify a bit too much lately, I apologize.

Sadly that's something I've needed to try if I wanted to keep doing these, the interest in the tiny series has gone really down in the last few releases.

For what's worth, I'm reworking the animations for the chars on those packs to make it easier to add equipment and customisation, right now there're to many animations that need individual tweaks in each frame.

Btw thanks for your kind words, I'm really glad that you like my work :)

Thanks a lot for your kind words! Can't wait to see what you manage to do😁

I'm quite proud of this one, I've put lots of hours of work on it. I hope people likes it!!

Great work!! Love to see this kind of things, thank you so much for supporting my work and best of luck with the series!!

Glad to hear that! Best of luck with your new adventure, we'll love to see what you achieve :D

Hi! Yes, I have plans for more content and additional packs to compliment this one. Sadly I can't give you a time frame cause I can only work on these when I have free time :(

Hi! Sorry but I'm afraid that there're not hit and death animations yet, I'm working on them at the moment!

Hi again! I'm sorry but there're are no bush animations :(

And yes all the characters are in every pack! Have in mind that they're skin tone variations and two different hairs(long and short) tho!

That's a great suggestion, I'll add that to the TODO list alongside other animations like climbing walls and dashing. Thank you!

1- I'm afraid I don't know what you mean with "when the player cuts them" There are sword attack animations, don't know if that solves anything.
2- Yes! Well to be more precise, each pack has 6 main characters fully animated (2 hairstyles with 3 skin tones each).

3-Sadly no, just halfs :(

I see!! You're right, my bad. I'll fix it making the top row 32 pixels too, hope that solves it!

The character is 16x16px all across the spritesheet no gun and 32x32 all across the spritesheet with gun. They are different sizes but in different spritesheets.

Tysm!! I'll be doing more in the near future so don't worry <3

Thank you !! :D

Hi! I'm afraid that I can't answer that, I think that the fps is something that is handled by the devs/engine(I may be wrong tho) 

Most of the animations consist of 4 frames but there're a few with less (please have in mind that 4 frames of animation doesn't mean 4fps)

Tysm! You're too kind ToT

Thank you!! I hope it helps you to make something really awesome :D

Thank you!! <3

Hey, thanks a lot for your support and kind words! I hope you find the assets useful :D

Feel free to post a link here to your game once you have something to show us!

Hi! Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll check how to do a ttf and update the font, it may take me a couple of days. Thanks for the heads up!