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Thank you! It's great to be at it again :D

Thanks a lot! The main "factor" I would say is time/practice, if you keep doing it you'll eventually learn enough. Other thing that have helped me a lot is trying to recreate stuff from other(better) artists (just for practice!). That being said I don't feel I'm good enough, just "okayish" :D

I'm so sorry but, as far as I know, there's not much I can do to help you :(

Thank you! :Ð

Thanks! Yes, the idea is to release it on steam, we don't have an estimated date yet tho :( 

Hi! Thanks for your support :).
I'm working with a good friend of mine on this game: Guts And Goals Twitter, tho 99.9% of my work there is done, so I'm glad to say that I'll start working on the packs again soon (July probably)  :D.
Best of luck with your projects, I'd love to know more about 'em!

Hi! Sorry for the late response.
Right now I'm working on a videogame and I don't have much time left to work on other things,  but I plan to return working on the packs at some point (probably around July). I may release some minor updates to the previous packs to warm up, but I can't promise anything, I hope you understand.

Absolutely! And thanks, I'm really glad you like it :Ð

Thanks for your feedback and support, it really means a lot. 
My intention is to keep delivering thematic packs that will include most (if not all) the things that you suggested. Right after I finished the "Tiny Dungeon Pack" I had the opportunity to start working on a game so I won't be able to create them as fast as I'd want to, but they'll keep coming, I hope you understand. 
Thanks again for your kind words and best of luck with your streams!

Sorry about that, I thought I had updated the pack. If you download the ZIP again the tilesets should be in the folder, let me know if there's any problem!
Thank you for supporting my work :)

Looks really nice!

Hi! I'm really glad you like it. Thanks for the suggestion, I'm rather busy with the dungeon pack right now, but once I'm done with it I'll update the NPCs animations so they can be used as playable characters :D

Thank you so much!

Hi! I'm working on a Dungeon themed pack that will complement this one. It'll be released in late October / early November. 


Thank you!!