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Love the start of the game, but i am stuck. No hardwood is spawning on first island, so i cant build Forge. Since i got no Forge i can't make Nails, so can't build the bridge to next island... Any tip please? 

And i have 29111 normal wood, so I have chopped down aaaaaaalot of trees... (and that is after restarting game, so had more wood first time)

Hi Sunjean,

first of all, we really appreciate your dedication, 29k wood is kinda impressive 😉We‘re definitely going to look into this problem an get back to you with a fix as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Thank you. :) Looking forward to that :)

Hello again,

we just uploaded a new version of the game a few hours ago. You should now be able to chop some hardwood on the first island, although it's still rarer than regular wood. If you happen to stumble upon more roadblocks, feel free to reach out :)

Kind regards,

That was fast! Off to chop some trees then. :)