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Thanks for the game, was actually thinking it would be cool to have a ski resort tycoon. Here are some ideas that I'm sure you've already got in development.

1. Having a hard time with connecting runs to hubs. Maybe add a tool that allows you to flatten out some space. For example I might have a gondola up the valley to a hub location where several runs will come down, and they can continue down from there if they wish, or get right back on the chairlift from the hub. I think the game only considers the connections and makes them run from the top all the way down.  Dunno! Either way, I have a hard time with connecting runs, sometimes I build a gondola to a peak and then start the run a little further off, but they cant get there. If I then make a run from the gondola landing to the beginning of that run, it doesn't quite consider them as the same run? 

Sorry that was long winded. In Short - a tool for flattening a larger area to act as a landing for other runs would be nice!

2. Whats the difference between large and medium runs, a tool tip would help

3. Could use info screens, displaying all the runs and their statistics, usage etc. Select runs from that screen, etc.

4. Money management - entrance/tickets, vending, lodging, rentals, etc. (im sure that is all in the works)

5. Competition from other resorts?

6. Snowboards

7. Accidents, Ski Patrol/Staff

8. Ski Schools & Slope management 

9. Public events like races, olympic rental?  

10. Global warming!?

11. SNOW CONDITION! Snow making for that matter/ weather forecast.

Man I think I would really love running a ski resort.

Hi! Thanks for playing :)

About your suggestions...

1. Yes! We know the actual tool for construction is not enough and we are working on ways to improve it. Thanks for your very complete insights :)

2. Actually, there is no difference between those two type of ski runs... It's cosmetic. It will change when attendance will increase the risk of falling.

3. Agreed! It's planned :)

4. There will be no money in Snowtopia. The whole game system will rely on skier's satisfaction.

5. No money, no competition. But big expectations from skiers and skiers with very different expectations.

6. Snowboards --> yes!

7. Accidents, Ski Patrol/Staff --> yes!

8. Ski Schools & Slope management  --> yes!

9. Public events like races, olympic rental?  --> I still don't know how, but i'd like to.

10. Global warming!? --> no but a big concern for environment

11. SNOW CONDITION! --> yes!

I hope you like those answers!

See you around