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Thanks for the game, was actually thinking it would be cool to have a ski resort tycoon. Here are some ideas that I'm sure you've already got in development.

1. Having a hard time with connecting runs to hubs. Maybe add a tool that allows you to flatten out some space. For example I might have a gondola up the valley to a hub location where several runs will come down, and they can continue down from there if they wish, or get right back on the chairlift from the hub. I think the game only considers the connections and makes them run from the top all the way down.  Dunno! Either way, I have a hard time with connecting runs, sometimes I build a gondola to a peak and then start the run a little further off, but they cant get there. If I then make a run from the gondola landing to the beginning of that run, it doesn't quite consider them as the same run? 

Sorry that was long winded. In Short - a tool for flattening a larger area to act as a landing for other runs would be nice!

2. Whats the difference between large and medium runs, a tool tip would help

3. Could use info screens, displaying all the runs and their statistics, usage etc. Select runs from that screen, etc.

4. Money management - entrance/tickets, vending, lodging, rentals, etc. (im sure that is all in the works)

5. Competition from other resorts?

6. Snowboards

7. Accidents, Ski Patrol/Staff

8. Ski Schools & Slope management 

9. Public events like races, olympic rental?  

10. Global warming!?

11. SNOW CONDITION! Snow making for that matter/ weather forecast.

Man I think I would really love running a ski resort.