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I'm impressed, for the most part. I'm kind of doing this post-postmortem, so rather late, but I really liked both the art style, the modular design, and the writing for this. At the same time, I do agree with those who have difficulties finding all the ends. I have all bout endings 3 and 4 (well, besides the good ending), and I'm not really sure what specific actions I'm missing/not doing for those.

That said, every new thing I discover is well written and has a very strong and consistent voice. But it can be hard, even with having been spoiled by the Postmortem on the fact that Ending 3 is Freedom/Force. I'm just not sure what that'd be? So yeah, while it could be more clear how it's going down, I was very charmed and quite impressed. Thank you for making it, and I'm sorry that it didn't get more attention/etc.

I'm honestly sure that by the time you even see this, I'll have worked my way into getting both of the endings, and then start working towards the final ending... probably tomorrow, since I'm going to turn in soon.

Thank you for playing it! <3