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How do you get what's considered the "True End"?

This was absolutely adorable. The price tag might slightly decrease the number of people to check it out, but it was worth it. Absolutely startlingly cute twist... and cute is a weird word for this, but it's both cute and creepy alike.

This is really interesting. I kinda wonder how much all of the flirtation/take charge sort of options will influence dialogue and the outcomes. 

There's also clearly something... magic going on? Or something like that? Which makes me curious.

What counts as progress with Vivian? Is doing the Breast Worship training something? Do you need to take her Quests in the Forest? Etc, etc?

Keep up the good work, by the way!

Really? I'm surprised. Like, he found a remote control but can't use it to turn on the TV in the playroom, when I expected that was the point.

What is the regression medication used for, story-wise?

Also when you find the weird thing with the Pink Princess Pullups there's an error and it goes "An Exception has occured."

I'll repeat alphawolf911's question. I got a bunch of items I want to use, but when I left click them they don't. For instance, that obvious regression medication asks "Are you sure you want to use this" but there's no option for saying yes, nor is there an option for using the remote control on the TV and other things...

So yeah, kinda curious there, there's a lot I'm missing becuase of that.

The version I have gets to the part where you offer to take the Student to the nurse's, and then it boots you back into the main menu. So yeah.

I am a bit confused about the stock room. It asked me a question, and I gave the objectively right answer, both the L-word name that Victoria gave her and the shortened *actual* name, and both of them were deemed to be wrong, which means I don't know what else it could be?

I'm probably missing something obvious, but I don't actually know how to spot the Ninjas and what you're supposed to do in the 4th level Lab to avoid having to fight constantly. No doubt when I realize what it is I'll feel silly, but...

Very good, but one thing I'd love to ask for: an option to delete all saves. If you're playing and saving across multiple versions is just adds up a lot. I went to the folder to try to delete saves... only to find none there to delete.

There's some sort of bug with the Healslut fight. The previous one went fine, but in this one after I managed to kill one of the grunts (well, not kill, technically), instead of disappearing he remained on the screen, but without a health bar. I then wasn't able to skip/end my turn, nor do anything else. So, uh, yeah.

What did you do to get it open? I've downloaded a version, but have no idea what to do next. I was able to open it earlier, last year, when I had a version... but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. 

So, what did you figure out? Though mine doesn't open in a separate window either.

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I suppose this is more just a general question, and obviously getting back with every question on an already released game isn't really feasible, but if you're at 54 Hearts by the School Graduation, are you on point?

...I also wound up having no idea how to get some of the Hearts[1], but hopefully that's fine. If you found everything in one playthrough, well...

[1] For instance, it felt like I made the right choices with both Glenda and RJ at graduation, but I didn't get Hearts from either of them, so... I dunno?

It's fine, as long as I'm able to wind up with enough to get the best ending or whatnot. Thus far I've missed... at least two, and I think more, Hearts? At least one of the Hearts was because the Kelly scene is somewhat similarly bugged? Once you solve it everyone wanders off but you're stuck standing there. I'm hoping I'll be able to get what I need despite that, since I've actually moved on past that area. 

Still, bugs are what happens in a game. At least you're not Bethesda. :P

When I'm in the Copper Junction area, a shy kid asks for help going over to talk to some kids. So, I don't know what I'm doing or how to do it, but when I try, there's a point where I go in front of the left kid in the triangle of three, and the girl advances one pace... at which point you're stuck in place as the music plays and the girl doesn't move any more. Am I missing something obvious, or is it some sort of bug/etc? 

(Despite that, by the way, really enjoying the story.)

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I'm impressed, for the most part. I'm kind of doing this post-postmortem, so rather late, but I really liked both the art style, the modular design, and the writing for this. At the same time, I do agree with those who have difficulties finding all the ends. I have all bout endings 3 and 4 (well, besides the good ending), and I'm not really sure what specific actions I'm missing/not doing for those.

That said, every new thing I discover is well written and has a very strong and consistent voice. But it can be hard, even with having been spoiled by the Postmortem on the fact that Ending 3 is Freedom/Force. I'm just not sure what that'd be? So yeah, while it could be more clear how it's going down, I was very charmed and quite impressed. Thank you for making it, and I'm sorry that it didn't get more attention/etc.

I'm honestly sure that by the time you even see this, I'll have worked my way into getting both of the endings, and then start working towards the final ending... probably tomorrow, since I'm going to turn in soon.

I have no idea how it managed to be as horrifying as it was. The atmosphere was very tense, and the 'monster' encounters were legitimately terrifying despite being so seemingly abstract. Every time I had one, I found my legs goosebumping up, thanks in large part to the sound direction. It really sold the whole game, and so I get why you wanted the headphones on (someone tapped me on the shoulder while I was playing and I screamed.)

So, my amateur attempt to interpret it is that it's about someone who won't let go of their friend. That is to say, the 'monster' you encounter stops chasing you as the woman starts to understand she has to let go. Meanwhile the 'lights' were in some way significant because once she accepts letting go, they no longer light up. Similarly, I think the 'sparkles' have to be, like, a miscellanea of remembered objects that have significance only for their connection to the girl she fell in love with.

But what I don't understand, of course, is what happened. "Brain damage" is a strange tag. The first impression is that they just moved away, but with the impossibility of finding the house, the strange stories, the odd trees, it has this feeling as if it's straddling the everyday and something almost supernatural.

At the same time, that feels like it might just be the magic of childhood, and of romance, twisted and turned into some dark forest of mental regret.  (And again the 'Fantasy' tag makes me question things.)

So yeah, I really enjoyed it, it was freaky and strange and very, very unnerving, and thank you for making it. 

This was really fucked up. I kinda really liked it, though I'm also baffled and hurt and... a lot of different things. It says Season Finale, but does that mean they'll be a Season 2?

I'm pretty sure it involves the teacher. I'm not sure of the details, but perhaps try expressing dissatisfaction for how your day is going and she might try to cheer you up/talk to you, and it could go from there?

Not 100% sure, but that seems logical-ish. 

I'm curious how to get the best-friend route. I've found the others, of course. 

I enjoyed it quite a bit. I'm curious, is one of the ends bad and the other good?