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Incredible game. one of my two favorite games on Itch, right next to Harem Hotel. I do have a question about the impending update: when it drops, will progress transfer over, or will I need to start anew? 

Also, Jade is best girl. Velle is a close second, but you don't get better than Jade.


No. If you play on PC, the save data is in the appdata of your computer. So you can just delete the old version and install the new one on January 18 when it comes out. :)

Thanks for the kind words!

Yes, your progress will transfer to each new update. If you are playing on Windows/Mac/Linux, you do not need to do anything. Just download the new update and play. 

But if you are on Android, you should backup your save files and then uninstall the old version, then install the new version and put your save files back.

hey, this hasn’t worked for me, (pc) it seems to be stuck at the end of .11.1 and tells me I’ve advanced as far as is currently available, any idea what I screwed up? 

Did you download the new version and play it through that folder? You can completely delete the v0.11.1 folder. Do not copy files from the new version and replace files in the old version, it won't work correctly.

I moved the 0.11.1 folder to a folder I set up for outdated versions of games. Should I have straight deleted it? I’ll try that, and re-unzip 0.12