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just thought it would be funny, in original lust doll this happened, sorry for posting it here, just wanted to ask something relevant, will this be present in lust doll plus?


Pfft, wow XD. Maybe? Meat parasite nest is getting majorly revised, so...

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i was just hoping id be able to attach meat crawlers to meat crawlers in ldplus that would be hilarious, and now im wondering, what would it look like? also, noticed there is no way to get to rinny with the parasites, so, what WOULD the reaction be? since it cant actually happen i want to know what it would be like if it did... idk, maybe it could happen, ill try to figure out


It's a funny mental image XD. Just crawlers stacked on crawlers I suppose? There actually is a way to get to her fyi~.


WHAT! SERIOUSLY!! sorry could you say where?


It's more of an exploit that people found XD. But she does have dialogue if you meet her w/ a parasite infection



guess im goin back to lookin...




i have no choice but to give up

oh! hold on, you spawn where you last sleep, i have to see if losing a battle makes you lose the transformations, hm