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hmmm. what are some things you DONT plan to add? kinkwise

1 2 oatmeal

uno reverse 8itch

what exactly is the highest rank

i figured it out at godtier rose

im really looking forward to it. and also maybe some clothes that fit the mega stuff. like idk it would probably cost a lot

aw yes

tbh, i would choose to love the bandit girl instead of anyone else just because the design of the character is so cute



please sequel i will die if i do not have sustenance in the form of gay visual novels that include memes

need sequel

so this is a good game, cant help but play

mistook this for "her tears were my light" but im happy i ended up here

cant fool me! i knew i recognized that face atleast a tiny bit! 

are you me?

on the end screen make the eye close, i dont want to think there is still more to find

i have no choice but to give up


oh! hold on, you spawn where you last sleep, i have to see if losing a battle makes you lose the transformations, hm

A   S   S         P   R   E   G   N   A   N   T

how did i not notice this before



A S S   P R E G N A N T

guess im goin back to lookin...

i think there is an issue with that, just, ima let you figure out what the problem with that is

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i was just hoping id be able to attach meat crawlers to meat crawlers in ldplus that would be hilarious, and now im wondering, what would it look like? also, noticed there is no way to get to rinny with the parasites, so, what WOULD the reaction be? since it cant actually happen i want to know what it would be like if it did... idk, maybe it could happen, ill try to figure out

just thought it would be funny, in original lust doll this happened, sorry for posting it here, just wanted to ask something relevant, will this be present in lust doll plus?

theoretically if i was able to add the option myself, would the event be fully functional?

well, it did say in the update notes for 9.1  "-Added cock milker events to Milk Farm" and im wondering if they are added why cant i access them? im pretty sure it means somethings preventing my player from doing it

actually, what might have happened is their device failed to load the exe, leaving a blank space, or it showed up as a different file, its happened to me multiple times, but then again, computato

dont have money, but personally would love to have a bandit girl companion, but even if thats too much, i choose the bandit girl.

same with the not ready yet choices because im still confused about is it the players inability to do it or just the game literally not having it

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i take it you dont plan on releasing a seperate version off of patreon with incest included?

i agree to both.

oh i know this one i know this one!
the pass for the torture rack can  be found by interacting with fawn, just keep doing so until she leaves you alone in her place, then just, snoop around and stuff. and the black market place, is, from the sewer entrance, one screen down, and from the other entrance, also one screen down!

oh yea! i had a question, what does the [Not ready yet!] mean, is it not in the game yet, or is the player character just not ready to do said action yet?

i just got back today and here i learn, yesterday there was an update, which brings me to ask, if my last idea wasnt as bad as i thought it was, how about adding furry transformations. i dunno where i was going with this

oh well

I know this probably sounds stupid and all, but how about adding a cosmetic equip menu, and a regular equip menu, the cosmetic equip menu would show whatever you have on the cosmetics over the regular equips, its probably not that easy, from my limited understanding of this you would have to make multiple of the same equips with stats of other ones. but if you could find a way that would be really cool!