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Played this on Steam and really enjoyed it! I always love your art, and I thought the puzzles hit that sweet spot where you have to think a bit but you don't feel like giving up and checking a guide.

Noticed a few bugs; nothing game-breaking as far as I could tell, but just FYI.

  • In the room with the fireplace, after you pick up the poker but before you cut open the animal's mouth, when you click on something else the poker shows up again.
  • After Priscilla moves to the living room, there doesn't seem to be a flag that you've already asked her about the puzzle; the option shows up again and after you exit the dialogue you appear back at the entrance where she used to be.
  • If you examine the items in the safe after putting the painting together, you pick up a duplicate Piece D.
  • The first time you read James's note about the password, it refers to the "party hall," but in the diary and when you examine the note again, it refers to the "dining room."
  • Typo, not a bug, but "someone with a bad memory, or someone trying to be discrete" should be "discreet."

Let me know if save files or screenshots would help.


Thanks for playing and thanks for reporting some bugs! These bugs are QUITE odd though because they all look like bugs I've address before? Really strange! Games tend to be like that though.

I'll write all of these down and once I compile a few more (people simply aren't playing and commenting enough for me to know of bugs, uh oh) I'll release an update.

Oh! A tiny review on Steam would be great btw, since you mentioned you've played it there! If you don't mind, there's no pressure but I figured it doesn't hurt to ask.

(Also, I'm glad the puzzles hit a sweet spot! That's what I was going for!)

No problem, I'll write a review once I finish getting all the endings =)

And that is odd. Did Steam accidentally get an older build? If not, let me know if I can help pinpoint the conditions for any of those bugs.

Aw yay, thank you! :D

Also, no, I don't think Steam got an older build, I think that these bugs look similar to bugs I've already fixed, but are under even more specific circumstances than the original, so they are peeking their heads out. They all seem like very very easy fixes.

(And some are just stuff I straight up missed, it happens! When you go from kinetic novels to all of a sudden making a point-and-click, I'm just glad my game works at all, lol!


The bugs you reported have been addressed, there should be new files to download now if you want the updated version! Thanks again!