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Thanks again for the update; increasing the textbox opacity really made a difference for me. Still a lot of typos, though, mostly minor spelling errors but, like, what even is this sentence lol.

But anyway, I enjoyed it. Once it gets past the flimsy premise, it's a sweet little romance. Are you planning to follow these characters in future episodes, or is it going to be more of a collection of different short stories?

Thanks for your reply! I'm enjoying it so far, but will wait for the updated version to finish it =)

Bought this on Nutaku, but since you can't leave comments there, I'll give you my feedback here on the problems with the UI:

  • Bad textbox padding - this is clear in some of your example screenshots where the text is trying to escape the right side of the textbox. Just increasing the right side padding by 20px would probably solve it completely.
  • Using white text for name tags and a white heart in the name tag box means longer names are partially invisible. Should probably use a different box without the heart for longer names.
  • The fly-outs for auto, skip, etc. look terrible with just plain text barely visible against the game background - adding a solid color background would probably look better.
  • This might be just my opinion, but thin, light colored text on a patterned background is kind of hard to read. A slightly darker text color and/or a chunkier font would make it a more pleasant experience.

Also why are Yuu's eyes green in the sprites but blue in the CGs?

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What a title, haha. Looking forward to playing this, looks interesting! Would you mind uploading a Linux build? (I can play it anyway so no problem, but it's always nice to have!)

Also thanks for having a plain text version of the character profiles instead of just the images! It's such a little thing but everyone only ever does one or the other.

So are you ever going to release the games you've had up for preorder with no updates for like forever, too?

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Heads up, it still says demo only at the top of your description, and since it's set up as a free download with name your own price rather than a paid game with a demo, no price shows at the download button at the top of the page, so at first glance it looks like an unfinished project unless you scroll all the way down.

Absolutely loved this, but one thing I would nitpick: the transcripts note several pauses of under a second. This is too short to even register as a pause in conversation. (Source: am a transcriptionist.) I assume you're just intending to convey a pause of some arbitrarily short length, so something like 3-5 seconds would be more realistic. (Using the decimal points, pause for 3.26 seconds or whatever, is good to demonstrate that the transcription is presumably made by a computer program that can get that accurate, rather than a human being.)

Haha, fine either way, just wondering =)

Question, are the threesomes poly romance routes or just sex only?

Cool, looking forward to it =)

Jisei community · Created a new topic Steam release?

Saw that there were Steam keys available for this Jisei & Kansei and got excited, but while they activated just fine on my Steam account, there's nothing there, not even a store page with a TBA release date.  I guess they're still in the approval process and will be available soon? Any ETA?

I purchased the game last year but I don't have access to the full version anymore on my download page, just the demo. (Maybe because of the price change? I paid $7 and it's $10 now. But I definitely had access to the game before, you can see my old comment thread below about an error message.)

Also completely irrelevant but I can't not read your name as "Souls of Tea" rather than "Soul Soft EA."

Are you planning to give Steam keys to people who buy the game here? Thanks.

You have the download listed as Windows/Mac/Linux, but it only includes the Windows launcher. 

Man, I'm sorry you feel that way. This was legit my best VN  of 2016 and still one of the most original and memorable VNs I've played. As a writer I totally get that feeling, though. Hopefully your next project is something you can feel more positive about.

Glad to hear it!

I could care less about BTS so I haven't been following that stuff -_- But I was under the impression that they had made the demo as a proof of concept to get a license and that going ahead with making the whole game meant they were successful with that. Did I miss something?  Seems risky for them to sell the game if whatever official person they reached out to was aware they were doing it but had said no.

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I contacted, and they said that while they can't issue refunds themselves due to how payments were processed, "We've reached out to them [Aeon Dream Studios] directly to see what the status of the project and the refunds are."

Oh wow, them actively refusing to refund you is a much bigger deal then them just "forgetting" to give the promised refunds, especially if you waited more than 180 days because they said they'd refund you without you having to jump through those hoops. Do you still have the email they sent where they said they were working with to refund all preorders? Maybe try contacting support and find out if that's true and if they can get the ball rolling on their end. I'd assume admins would be interested to learn that a developer is actively scamming users on their platform and implicitly blaming them ("we are working with itch to refund all preorders within the week" -> no refunds after months -> must be itch's fault).

In fact, I'll send an email myself, but you should, too, since you're the one still out your money.

Did you try opening a dispute through PayPal? I was finally able to get a refund that way.

Well, I had to escalate to a PayPal dispute, but I finally got a refund... not happy, not planning on giving Aeon Dreams any more money in the future =/

They promised refunds for preorders on Jan. 4th. Has anyone actually gotten their money back yet?  I can't get them to respond to any communications. Still waiting to hear back on a PayPal dispute.

This was hilarious af. Also I don't know if I'm even into this pairing but you might have convinced me to ship it, which is among the highest praise when it comes to fanfic =P

"*The estimated release date for Chasing the Stars is June 2017"

I assume you meant 2018? =P

Thanks, works now. It was only Episode 2.

The download link leads to a 404.

I purchased the game but don't have a Steam key on my download page.

Loved the demo. Your visual style is just amazing, and the way the environments give a sense of being grounded in a physical space is so uncommon for a visual novel. Really looking forward to playing the rest of the game.

Working now, thanks!

I keep getting an error trying to pay with PayPal. ("We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience.")

Just got an email with the key; thank you!

The purchase notes say this is supposed to come with a Steam key, but I don't have one on my download page. Is there an email I should send my payment info to in order to get a key? Thanks.

Okay, thanks.

Pinewood Island community · Created a new topic Steam keys

Will you be offering Steam keys for buyers?

Apron Academy community · Created a new topic Any updates?

Any news on the development and when this is coming out?

It was my pleasure! I'm a lover of Mozart and of visual novels that don't fit the typical mold, and I didn't want to see this work get lost to time. Thanks for creating it. Congrats and good luck on your theater project! It looks like great fun. Definitely something I would have loved as a kid.

If you could send me the full credits for the final episode, that would be very helpful. For some reason the app glitches and won't display them.

Blind Men community · Created a new topic Steam keys?

Still no Steam keys?

If you're not giving they to Kickstarter backers who got free keys, that's fine, but a reply to that effect would be nice.

I still don't have a Steam key. Do you know what the issue is? Thanks.

I don't have one =( I activated an key from the Monstrous Lovers campaign, rather than buying it through directly; maybe there was an issue there?