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I cannot even put how I feel into words...this game...I truly feel connected to it.  I played it all three times and chose light, despite telling myself I would choose darkness the second time. After finishing the game completely I cried, which is saying something since I rarely cry. I have not felt such an emotion so strongly about a game, movie, or show. Amazing work, I really enjoyed playing this game very much. I learned a little bit from it and overall the game is just an extraordinary experience. I wish I had recorded the whole thing. I'm still curious as to what happens when you choose darkness every time, but I'm quite satisfied with light for now. Perhaps someday in the future, whether it be in a couple days or even a couple months from now, I will play the game again to see the other side of things. Anyway, I truly appreciate the work you put into this game and the way you displayed certain things was tremendous.  Thank you so much, really.  <3

Edit: I finished the game not too long and immediately felt the need to contact you in some way to show my gratitude and support for your game. Thanks again!

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the experience that much! ^_^
I hope you keep choosing the Light! :)

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Of course, it's an outstanding piece of work! ^v^