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Miko Sadiyaka

A member registered Jan 12, 2020

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Anddddddd I'm back. It's been, what, a bit over a year now? As I am currently typing this out, it is three in the morning for me. I just played this again and it really never gets old. Times are tough right now (even just in general/for everyone) and playing this again has made me both super emotional (as always) and given me motivation to keep pushing forward. I don't know why, and it probably seems kind of weird too, but this experience means so much to me. Thank you, again, for creating and sharing such an amazing piece of work. It truly is remarkable and I appreciate it in such a way that I can't even put it into words. 

 I think after so many times of coming back here that it may be time for me to sit back for a while. I, without a doubt, will probably continue to look back onto and play this game again. For now though, thank you and farewell.

 I don't know you personally or anything, but if you do see this, I hope that you're doing alright... and don't forget to take care of yourself! :>

Edit: Also, other than the messages that were conveyed throughout this experience, the entire thing is really well-designed and thought out. I can't even imagine all of the time and effort that must've went into making this. ^^; It really is amazing. 

4 months it has been. I just happened to be in a call with a friend and I decided to recommend he play this game. He streamed it and I watched his playthrough of it. Once again, it was an emotional rollercoaster for me. It hit me greatly for a second  time and it seems my friend also was impacted by it.  He just finished the game and he too chose the light each time. After both crying towards the end of the  game and processing what happened (again for me) I felt the need to say something for yet another time. I realize I've referred to your creation as a game a lot, but in reality it's more of a lesson put into a simulation.  Though this "game" of yours was not meant to be played, I truly appreciate that you shared your creation and that I was able to play it as well as see someone else be impacted by your amazing simulation. After watching my friend play it, it made me want to play it again for myself. And though I am still curious about what the other ending holds, I do not think I will ever be able to choose the darkness. Thank you, again, for sharing your creation that portrays such an important and valuable lesson. Calling it a lesson may be too strong of a way to describe it though. What it hope. To show that there is still light even when you seem to be drowning in just have to reach for it. And I appreciate and accept such hope because even with all the hardships I have had and will have as well as that others may have, I know that I need to hold on because life has meaning. What that meaning is, is determined by the person you are yourself and what you want to do with the hope you have been given. The complexity and deeper meaning within your simulation has intrigued me so and I believe I will play it over and over, time and time again because the hope you give out through such display will never get old. It is possible that I  may continue reaching out to you just because of how much I have been and will be affected by your "game".  I value and appreciate everything within your simulation. Thank you so very much, truly.

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Of course, it's an outstanding piece of work! ^v^

I made an account for the same reason XD
This game is one of the best games I've ever played, if not the best.
I feel so strongly about this game lmao

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I cannot even put how I feel into words...this game...I truly feel connected to it.  I played it all three times and chose light, despite telling myself I would choose darkness the second time. After finishing the game completely I cried, which is saying something since I rarely cry. I have not felt such an emotion so strongly about a game, movie, or show. Amazing work, I really enjoyed playing this game very much. I learned a little bit from it and overall the game is just an extraordinary experience. I wish I had recorded the whole thing. I'm still curious as to what happens when you choose darkness every time, but I'm quite satisfied with light for now. Perhaps someday in the future, whether it be in a couple days or even a couple months from now, I will play the game again to see the other side of things. Anyway, I truly appreciate the work you put into this game and the way you displayed certain things was tremendous.  Thank you so much, really.  <3

Edit: I finished the game not too long and immediately felt the need to contact you in some way to show my gratitude and support for your game. Thanks again!