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Did a bit of initial play.  Issues with the early dungeon are as follows:

1:  Using the inventory to apply potions is unintuitive, since mouse control isn't permitted to directly pick items when the screen is first opened.  You first have to click on the inventory tab for a category before you can click on the consumables.

I have the impression that the menus are somewhat clunky in general.

2:  It would be nice if there was a dedicated way to turn without moving.  LOS is important for proper navigation in the dungeon.

3:  Using the Flash Powder results in retrying the battle.  Quite useful in the sense that I got fully healed, but probably not the intended effect.

4:  Cyleen is stilled called "Strange Priest" after meeting her.

5:  Collecting resources or bumping into a monster doesn't stop time.  This means that spikes and monster patrols can act while the player is paralyzed. 

6:  The save menu seems to automatically focus on the latest save that was made.  I tend to make my saves at the top, while the auto-saves are found at the bottom.  This means that I have to scroll upwards anytime the game decides to save automatically.  It might be best to reduce the number of slots to 12, and remove the bottom auto-saves.    (Assuming that resolution doesn't affect the number of visible slots.)

Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate it.