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What version of android are you using and on what device? We also just released a new version that you can try out.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Have you tried playing the HTML version on Newgrounds?

Also, have you tried playing the HTML version on a different browser? (Firefox, Chrome, Edge?)

The Mac version for whatever reason has trouble saving, but unfortunately it's due to the way RPG Maker MV handles saves. The only workaround for it is to build the game on a Mac, which we currently don't have.

The Windows version should not have issues saving.

Hmm, are you playing the latest version? 0.09? Does it give this error immediately upon trying to load the game?

While testing on an Samsung Galaxy S10 this error wasn't encountered.

We are using RPG Maker MV.

Should be all fixed now with the latest version 0.08c! :)

We found out there was a save file issue which we're fixing today! Thanks!

Ah, we see what's wrong. Thanks for letting us know!

What did the error say exactly? Can you possibly send an image of it?

Can you send us a picture or screenshot of the error? We can take a look at what it says. Thanks!

Hi there!

The link is up to date with the latest version. All we've been doing is just changing the link which apparently doesn't count as an update to the original link setup. Hope that answers your question!

It is not. It's available here and on our Patreon!

Awesome! Glad to hear it works!

The way I was able to go back was by pressing two fingers on the screen at once. I don't know if this works on all android devices, but it worked on a Galaxy S10.

Hmm, is it possible that your anti-virus is automatically removing the folder?

There's an odd problem with Macs not wanting to cooperate with the file structure of RPG Maker MV when it's exported from a Windows based machine. We might try something to get it to work, but it's definitely on the Mac end that is causing the issue.

Was this on PC, Mac, or Android?

Leru is a Faolti which is very wolf like, but with anthropomorphic characteristics. :)

Are the dungeons laggy for you or are you having trouble seeing the graphic in the dungeon?

We're aware that some people are having performance issues, but so far we haven't been able to find a proper solution. We know the graphical issues stem from integrated Intel graphics on laptops and the way it renders the game resolution.

Whenever you're out of a dungeon you can save your game via the main menu. There are checkpoints at certain dungeon levels that will automatically bring you back to the level when you return.

Glad you're enjoying it so far! We have limited support for the Android version, so it's a bit tricky for us to figure out how to properly configure it for everyone!

Glad you're really enjoying the game! We've been posting to our Twitter account and posting to different message boards. Hopefully more and more people will take notice of it!

Our support for Android is limited, unfortunately. So it will be tough to pinpoint the issue. Is this Note 9 up to date with software and everything?

Thanks for letting us know. Were you able to figure out how to go back in the menus?