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So the logbook is a bit unclear with it's to be continued message like the quest can't be continued maybe have it as WIP and if it can to be continued.

same with the not ready yet choices because im still confused about is it the players inability to do it or just the game literally not having it

In that case I do think it is just not implemented yet.

well, it did say in the update notes for 9.1  "-Added cock milker events to Milk Farm" and im wondering if they are added why cant i access them? im pretty sure it means somethings preventing my player from doing it

Sorry, was the last thing I added before the release. Had intended on making it usable, but ran out of time. Next release for sure!

theoretically if i was able to add the option myself, would the event be fully functional?


If the event was ready, it wouldn't be disabled XP.


When you see 'TBC/to be continued', and '[Not ready yet!]', that means it's not built yet!