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I like the simplicity of it, the art style. I seriously think this has potential to expand;  any chance you could go procedural cities?, with some buildings you could go into, i remember another game/tech demo that had that, although no shooting- more of a explore the world and escape, there were lots of NPCs walking about which helped set the immersion). Dang  i cant remember what that was called? anyone know?

You could also add some basic  CYOA text interaction with getting intel on your bounty or paying for access to closed on shortcuts etc- intel could be such as narrowing down which quadrant they are in the city sector,  sometimes they give an exact location which you see on your hud that you already got in place in the game already for more money- however sometimes these leads to ambushes.

The gameloop would be the same but more exploration and more npc presence, have a basic map with zones on them- which clues of bounty are made from paying for intel or the bounty intel when you take the job says he or she will be either in Quadrant A or B etc. 

I think this would be worth paying more for (and go on Steam) if you added this sort of thing and even has potential to add things to spend money on- like better weapons and stun weapons, like some bounties require target to be caught alive, which makes it more challenging.  Interiors for buildings like stairwells and hallways, elevators etc where you chase your quarry who might have some hired help.  Heck i could envision a MP mode where players have to get to the bounty first as well as some roles of being the body guard of targets and being able to mark where other NPC guards will stand and face. 

You're thinking of Bernband maybe?

Yes that is it. I came across that again other day. I think the same guy who made that little game made this new short game? anyway i think the two could fit - with a slightly bigger world. The immersion of lots of NPCs works well.