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Really well done :) Well executed, solid idea, love the cute cats and audio is very fitting.

Some minor nitpicks! Since some (all?) of the cats are wider than one block, if there's a 1 block wide section of lava you can't fall in. The cat being larger than the blocks also makes the jumps maybe a bit more precise than they need to be. I think having some control over the height of the jump (Like in mario) would help a lot. The camera zooming out causes some weird visual issues which was pretty distracting in the magic carpet level.

Thanks for playing and the feedback!~ There is variable jump height but I scaled it back since the bouncy cats felt pretty bad the way I had it implemented (gravity as a higher value when the jump button isn't pressed) but I guess I should've fixed it properly. Definitely learned a lot while working on this. Glad you still enjoyed it, cheers