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Hi there,

I heard you would like some feedback on presentation or the game itself. I remember playing this game around a year ago now, looking back at my last comment, and the game has moved on / changed so much since then. I loved the now so 'level 3 music' and still do. 

I will point out that now the game loop sound is crisp and I also think that you have done an excellent job on fixing the loop issue with people hitting the buttons. However I think having the game as what I think 'easy' has quite a nice vibe, with the game intending to be relaxing, and now I think a focus on creating new, unique and especially catchy levels should be made (I mean who doesn't). Experiment with different sound tunes, but make it catch as that is psychologicaly more attracting to the game.

Presentation wise I think you have done a good job, if you really want me to be a super picky critic then I would think about the placement of the next level symbol beneath the complete sign. If you pay close attention it just seems slightly in the wrong place. Maybe its because the button is on top of the complete sign or the button is too big and has a massive shadow compared to the complete sign. However it still has its own vibe, maybe simplifying it to look slightly more similar to the complete. If you wanna push the presentation then maybe have the occasionaly effect like the film in the begining or the gust of wind or something like that.

You could soon try and portray a story of the life of this character, progress it through different scenes, and with no dialogue make a story. Maybe when you have a lot of levels you could have  a level select option menu so people can choose their level and add a level select and a credits section beside the play button.

Nonetheless, there is not much to say to improve other than adding more levels, make it unique and tell a story. 

Great work on the game,