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Also I hope to see an Android version soon. :3


It's very convenient you asked that, actually. Just a few days we got a build working on Android. nanoff wrote an explanation about it, here it goes:

"Hello dude, thank you for asking. I've been tinkering with an Android version the last couple days and have a functional port with our custom UI working and all.
Problem is that the buttons as they are are pretty small for a phone screen and navigating the menus is a little complicated. Yeah I could release that right now but it would feel like a rushjob. Minoanon is making some changes to the first two builds as he's writing the build 03 content so we're actually looking into making a 0.2.1 release with those new changes sometime later, along with an Android port with a more mobile-friendly UI. We're gonna make a devlog soon about it soon."

So yeah, we are getting closer and closer to an Android build.


Huh. Nice. And yeah I get that about the bottons. Some other VNs as well have some small buttons, so I think for you could make a return button option so if a person press the wrong one, they could come back to try again. :/


Hi Minoh Workshop just wondering in minotor hotel will there be any bondage scenes expected and if not would you be able to add a few in as i love this game so far and i would love it to spread through the all communities like wildfire please take this idea into consideration i would highly appreciate it

Hum... Ok! I'll see what I can do. Keep in mind it'll be months before we start on any sex scenes, but once we do start I'll try. I do have one idea already for a bondage scene, we'll see how that goes.