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When are going to introduce the rest of the dateable cast?

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That sucks

Are you going to make routes with side-characters?

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I need this dad. ♡

When you say linear, you mean it's a kinetic novel, or it will have routes and choices but the main story doesn't chance besides from your routes decisions?

Is there any chance of having an older, chubby dilf dateable character in future? :333

oh no.

I fell in love with Juan. ♡

I play it at Android and it's working fine.

Try unistalling and installing again. If the problem persists, then it's probably your phone model.

Sorry, I haven't played your game yet. Will play the current version and give my opinion later.

However I can answer your final question: yes, I prefer soft belly; musclegut devotion. ♡

Dang it >w<

Oh I'll. Tho have to download on my PC. If it had Android build, I'd have already played it.

Thanks for the replies! ♡♡♡

Muscle gut guys. Like they are muscular, but have a beer gut, or they're a mix of chonky and muscular. And dilf because of their being older, like a daddy. :3

Hope there'll be a muscle gut dilf *w*

Just finished the game and I loved.

I just have a suggestion about the gameplay: is there a way for you to instead of resetting the fight's movement selection to the attack option and let it be in the last option you selected?

The gameplay is a bit slow once you start to use the earrings in battle, so you tend to just hold spacebar to accelerate the gameplay, but because the movement selection always resets to the attack option, it gets that error sound which is really annoying, and it's even more when you have to stop pressing spacebar and have to navegate through the movement options everytime it's your turn.

Yeah, I think he does. xD

Just haven't played yet when I posted this comment >3>

But the more, the merrier. :33

Btw, another suggestion: is there will be a small dom? If not, I suggest an small imp dom. :3

Would be fun not taking him seriously at first, until he punishes you and take control of you :33

Good to know you're well and recovered now!

Wish you bests! ♡

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And a teasing "pred".

(it doesn't need to have actual vore, just the teasing part, like "hey there, snack", "You're so cute I'd eat you", etc)

Gimme a musclegut dilf dom, and I'll be your faithful follower forever. :>

I want to date the teacher soon!!!

How do I receive Ares's card? I beat him up, tried the pacifism, nothing. Does he have a tarot card yet?

Yeah, I saw that.

However I was also expecting he would be more unwilling to turn main character back after him be more dominant

What kind of content it have? NSFW I mean 'w'

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hmm, thanks. And what does it do?

Yes. At daytime (specially after 8ish or 9ish) he's available in his cave. But at nighttime, you can find him in the pond in the village.

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I want puppy play content with Caleb. Like now that he has a harness, collar and leash, he definitely would love it. :33

*Now longing for naked walkies at night to indulge these fantasies*

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*Whoa Mama*

as long as Vince will be dateable :VVV

-"Ask him if he ever takes what he wants" scene

How can I trigger this question?

yes, my dude.


Kota is more chonky than ever so I'm already happy just by that ♡

Is there a way to make the host force you to be his cock?

Like he gets tired of trying help you to turn back (either by you turning back and forth of being a cock or by making him restless after using the ring every night) and forces to "claim" you?

Oh my. Mo Tse is such a thicc man *w*

Ooh, didn't notice!


Japanese? I think it would be better if you just find a way to put Furigana.

I'm studying Japanese and that would be awesome if it have Furigana ♡

Just downloaded the game but why it's named as "version 1.1"?

Btw, about Affinity with the monsters, does that means we're gonna re-encounter with them?