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Tho not really a futa anymore.

Jason changed it to be a trans.

Interesting. Gonna follow waiting for an android version.

Btw, the Panda's shirt quoting is a bit wrong.

太い is used for "thickness", not really for "fat", and the phrase structure is not in the correct way, specially the Past Tense in 太った, since it suggest he was fat, not anymore.

So the most appropriated phrase would be 大きな脂肪パンダ.



*Himbo vibes detected*

Awesome! Hope it can be allowed to add more content in the future~ ♡

Nevermind. After a loong time, I just needed to interact with the frasks at the Dungeon Room byside the trapped slaves. -w-

Can't find how to progress in the Slave route at the Werewolves Den. How do I complete the Shaman Task?

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Just played the new build in Brendan's route and....

Ngl, having those three together have not passed throught my mind before but....

Can't deny how it turned out interesting, VERY interesting to see how it goes. :333

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Also moar Brendan's content?

I hope this is not April Fools' joke D:

Gonna see that with my eyes *w*

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About your hand, it's probably because you're using your wrist too much when you're drawing.

Lots of artist might suffer tendinites there because of constant use of the wrists. To remedy that (or diminish) you need to use your shoulder more.

Here's more info about how to hold the pencil (digital pen):

PS: you don't need to adjust your grip to a Hand-over grip; keep using your grip but just adapt your wrist to shoulder more when drawing.

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Loved the game. But... I have to ask.

There'll be Elder's, Gerald's and Garu's routes?

Oh boy~ *w*

Well, keep up with the good work. I definitely felt that thrilling feeling of teacher/student dynamics I seek on.

Can't wait for moooar~ TwT


Brendan's day was fricking hawt~

Too bad you end up with fricking blueballs aaa

Notheless, I can't wait for moar Brendan's content~ ♡♡♡

Tho I hope to bottom for Mr. Baker ♡

*Glee noises intensifies*

I'm loving Mr. Baker route. Others professors potentional dates in other games doesn't explore the thrill of getting caught in a student/teacher relationship.

I hope to see more of that in future ♡

i want dilfs. Gimme dilfs~ ♡♡♡

But which one has NSFW scenes?

I followed your guide, and it seems Erik do not have one.

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Your welcome! And btw, already played the PC build.

And I love it. People are saying it's a short game, but short to me is when you didn't pass the first in-game day. I was expecting it to appear the "continued" as soon as I slept in the inn. But to my surprise, it kept going! And then when I had the first night camping, I though it would end there as well, and again, what a nice surprised: another day to keep playing it! This part.1 was a great introduction to the characters and I can't wait for more chapters.

Besides having some confusing moments, like I didn't realized that I was a goblin just like them (yeah, lol I'm that dumb xV), or Willow was actually a feral or an anthro, and some flirting slangs (Like Vellok saying "tiger", "sugarcube", etc; there are words that such fantasy setting aren't fitting. I'd say goblins would have their own way of calling someone they like, like "my green butterfly" to reffer Vellok with his flapping ears when he gets flustered, or something), it's a potencial great game.

And I already have favorites~ :3c

My top 3 goblin husbandos: 1. Krax, 2. Mickey and 3. Vellok. ♡♡♡

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Now that is a really unique VN.

Always wanted a route with a goblin and now you gave us a whole VN focused on goblin husbandos.

I haven't play it yet (wish it had a Android build ;w;) but this game will definitely on my daily checking on new builds.

Keep going with the good work~ ♡♡

I hope Doc treats the Main Character as a pet someday :3

Not sexually like, like a normal pet, since that's how he seems to see MC, tho probably unconsciously.

I mean if you see a sentient fennec fox that walks on two legs, would you hold yourself to not treat it as an adorbs pet?

Like with MC starting to ponder "Man, Doc is so nice to me. He gave me clothes, a warm bath and bed, minding what kind of food I can eat, thinking about me and my well-being, pampering me with pats... Wait a sec. Why does this feels I'm a pet?"

It's was just an introduction.

I'm sure MC will like him more in later chapters ;3c

Hi there.

I dunno if it's a bug, but the update ends on a threesome, besides choosing only on single character's options . Is it what suppose to be?

Leia a última postagem.

When are going to introduce the rest of the dateable cast?

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That sucks

Are you going to make routes with side-characters?

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I need this dad. ♡

When you say linear, you mean it's a kinetic novel, or it will have routes and choices but the main story doesn't chance besides from your routes decisions?

Is there any chance of having an older, chubby dilf dateable character in future? :333

oh no.

I fell in love with Juan. ♡

I play it at Android and it's working fine.

Try unistalling and installing again. If the problem persists, then it's probably your phone model.

Sorry, I haven't played your game yet. Will play the current version and give my opinion later.

However I can answer your final question: yes, I prefer soft belly; musclegut devotion. ♡

Dang it >w<

Oh I'll. Tho have to download on my PC. If it had Android build, I'd have already played it.

Thanks for the replies! ♡♡♡

Muscle gut guys. Like they are muscular, but have a beer gut, or they're a mix of chonky and muscular. And dilf because of their being older, like a daddy. :3

Hope there'll be a muscle gut dilf *w*

Just finished the game and I loved.

I just have a suggestion about the gameplay: is there a way for you to instead of resetting the fight's movement selection to the attack option and let it be in the last option you selected?

The gameplay is a bit slow once you start to use the earrings in battle, so you tend to just hold spacebar to accelerate the gameplay, but because the movement selection always resets to the attack option, it gets that error sound which is really annoying, and it's even more when you have to stop pressing spacebar and have to navegate through the movement options everytime it's your turn.

Yeah, I think he does. xD

Just haven't played yet when I posted this comment >3>

But the more, the merrier. :33

Btw, another suggestion: is there will be a small dom? If not, I suggest an small imp dom. :3

Would be fun not taking him seriously at first, until he punishes you and take control of you :33