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Ooh, didn't notice!


Japanese? I think it would be better if you just find a way to put Furigana.

I'm studying Japanese and that would be awesome if it have Furigana ♡

Just downloaded the game but why it's named as "version 1.1"?

Btw, about Affinity with the monsters, does that means we're gonna re-encounter with them?

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Idle and Speaking modes? What you mean by that?

Gimme the old chief and I'm sold. :V

Does it have multiple romance routes or just Rei's?

Date with Logan at your home? How you do that?

I think you need to explore the cave after the troll's bridge.

Well, for future games, I wouldn't mind twine ones with pictures :333

if it's based on that game, does that mean this game also has CTF?

I know. But the problem is it's not there.

The old version is not installed. I tried to find in my folders, through my PC, nothing.

Some reason, I can't install you game in my phone. It says it wants to update but it's not installed. Even if I say yes, it says "app not installed".

"Choose which character you want to see the most"

*Argos smash button intensifies*

(upvote if you want the same)

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You can see in the second image of the main page.

Welp. Here goes my weekend.

Not that I'm complaining. :V

To be honest, can't think of any besides Nekopara. :T

Nice! Thank you ♡

Btw, which one is datable? :3

Howdy. :3

May you give us a resume of the characters? Just a basic sheet, like name, age, body type, height, personality, etc.

Once you tame the snek, the snek can be cute.

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So, is this a novel or there'll be routes and choices?

As he already answered this to me, it won't happen soon:

"We still have a ways before we finish implementing all the systems we had before into the game, once we do, we can go from there."

hmm, yeah. But still the story stops there.

We'll have to wait for more updates to continue.

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Not really. To initiate the TF, you must access to your phone, then Inventory and drink the potion. It'll happen after you go to sleep; you'll transforn through the night until the next morning.

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Also being the goblins slut is not that bad either :3

Maan, finally able to work under Boss!! \o/

I hope we can become a goblin as well in future :333

By going to the auditorium and not switch seats with your friend.

There'll be an Android build?

Yes, in PC it normally let me input my name. In mobile, it just doesn't show the pop-up to input the name and just continue forward without the new name.

For some reason, the 0.28.0 version doesn't let me input my name while playing it through mobile. Need to test if in my PC it occurs the same.

I came for Drax

But there's no Drax yet TwT

Can you add Furigana in the game?

I'm studying Japanese and it can be really helpful.

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speakinf of achievements, I wonder if there's one for trying to convince Asterion to work nude. xDD

I know the Hotel doesn't allows him to be naked but still I wonder what'd happen if you just insists.

"Achievement unlocked: Exhibiotism Denied"


Is there'll be a Android build?

Thanks. Although, "at the moment"? How many in total are you planning?