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Just what I though. I was thinking that thee motive no one was so surprised by Luke and Kota was because they weren't see a giant eagleman and an eastern dragon but normal people due some kind of illusion like in Percy Jackson's books. xD

Huh. Nice. And yeah I get that about the bottons. Some other VNs as well have some small buttons, so I think for you could make a return button option so if a person press the wrong one, they could come back to try again. :/

Also I hope to see an Android version soon. :3

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I know he has the right to wear clothes, but still I want to see him naked just to see what would happen, like the reactions the guests have when they see Asterion in his loincloth. Lol xD

Wow. Very interesting

Also, I wonder how do we get all these customization. Is there will be scenes where we choose the way he dress or his clothes will change while how we interact with Asterion?

What I found funny about this update is that it said SFW but when I tried to access the post, it warned me that the profile has 18+ content. kkkk xD

I see. 

I just assumed it would give you points because it's where you discover the character's hobby. =/

Good to know

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Right. Just played again. And I have to say that I fricking LOVED Owen's date. Man he was so CUTE (I literally had internal screams when it showed the option to hold his hand)

Although didn't liked it Seth's point about why Owen's was acting wierd after the hug ¬¬ 

But I don't care; it still was a very cute date x33333

Can't wait for more chapters updates ^^

Also did you correct the other character's point systems as well? After playing dodgeball with Andrew but not going outside, I still go to play tennis with him, and meet him at health's class with him asking me for a date. I think it would be better to trigger his path if I at least choose two option with him, like playing dodgeball and going outside to trigger the tennis match and the health's class.

Nice! I started to play now. But I think there's a problem: in the last day, Owen's asked me to be in school to hang out, but instead I went home.

What I did was to reload my last save. Maybe I need to play all over again?

I noticed the same thing. Want to know how to unlock as well

Right. I just wanted to ask if when you starts to translate for Japanese, it would be possible to add Furigana? I'm learning Japanese and I'm using games to pratices after studying, but there's very few games that has Furigana's suport and for a beginner, it's very difficult.

Nice. :3

Also just curious: is this game will have multiple rotes, like there'll be more character to interact and date with or just Asterion?

I wonder if the Naga dude tormentor will be datable kkkk x'DD

I still want to see a muscle gut minotaur. #'-'#

Someday perhaps...

Although I'm really liking his new appearance so far. It's good to have some customization, even when you treat him good or bad. ^^

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Ops. My bad. I got confused about "onto something". I understood "being on to something", like being suspicious about my analyses on Owen's behavior, like I'm getting closer or something '-'

English is my second language so I misunderstood some slangs sometimes ^^'

Also I liked Coach Grifter rote as well. My favorite ones are him and Dozer. And I agree about on making something different.

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I don't know what are you talking about #'-'# 

Hehehe Actually I had screenwriting classes so yeah analyzing character's behaviors was one of the subjects in the course #^^'#

I also had great relationship with my teachers, specially my vocational program's teachers because they helped a lot to study through the course. If you're good to them, they will treat you with respect, will act more patiently towards you, even explain your doubts more attentively than others. They're people after all.

Owen's kinda remember me of them, maybe that's one of the motives I like him ♡

Also just to add to end the doubt: there's no law that prohibits a teacher to date students, they being over 18 and consented, however what weights more about this kind of relationship is the "favoritism" type, that a student or teacher can use this relationship in order to gain a higher grade or to bargain to gain more praise towards the student if the student is directly under the teacher's wing. That would break the institute's grading system and harm other students merits and also spoil the institute's image. Because of that, that kind of relationship is not well seen. Also it's more like an institute policy than a state one.

Although Owen's KINDA did that kind of thing with mc but he didn't do it on purpose to gain something from him. He noticed that mc's grades dropped and asked what happened, concerned about him, and at the end he just raised a little as a token of trust, like mostly of the teachers do to their student that obviously are having a bad time.

Like I said, Owen's is such a caring old bear ♡

it's being annoying because they're skipping a lot of the end of 4th day, so I stopped playing it so I don't get spoilers without knowing what did they do at night.

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Having a lot of errors in Andrew's path, saying it cannot be found the files "h_mc_livingroom-ev1.jpg" and "h_mc_livingroom-ev2.jpg"

Also Mr. Parker's still too young to be clueless about technology. Really, I wouldn't mind him and Lars being over 45 or 50. They sure look like 45-50. Though Coach Gil looks 29 just right.

I noticed there's an option for Japanese language for the game. How's it doing?

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Just saying that the expression balloon are always showing even when there's not character at the screen in Lars's path. Can you fix it?

I would prefer the main character being ambiguous, or being human. Not that I like humans but I would feel more related to the mc than him already in a pre-stablished species.

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I agree his white beard was ugly, because he seemed too old, now with black beard at least he seems more young but still forty's, which is great. Just like a teacher's age. 

But I strongly desagree about him being creepy. You probably would think he's if he's not your type. Because if a person don't like older men, they probably would think he's a pervert or something because if a old men hitting younger persons they would think his intentions would be only to harass them. But all his actions towards the mc is too innocent (inviting for a lunch? Saying "good day"? "How's your day"? "Let's hang out again?" Oh god what a creepy) and we don't know him yet. His background, his life, if he's alone, got divorced or lost his son... Also this game is about depression. Would we think the only one in depression is just the mc? Would Owen's is not looking for him because he remembers someone to him? Well I can't say as much because I'm not writing this game and also the game just started. Most of the characters doesn't even have a background  or said something about their lifes, except Seth. It's too soon to assumpt things.

I just hope this game continues to update and doesn't turns into an abandoned project like almost all furry games. I really want to know how this game finishes; specially Owen's rote. I really like him ♡

Aww indeed. I want more. :(

Sorry for being too selfish T-T

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It was suppose to show the credits but in this version, it's getting this error. It's just the game's end for now.

I wouldn't mind a route with him :3333

Great. ;3

Damn exams. ¬¬*

Anyway, good luck. ^^

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Hey man. Like I said, no problem. ^^
If what I say contributed to the game, I'm already satisfied. And yes, I can wait for the next update, because I really don't know how to re-write this .rpy thing hahaha xD
I also noticed some lines that pass to the dialogue box sometimes, like they got cut by the program's bottom edge. I think it occurs more in mobile version, and also in mobile version the options doesn't have the black boxes under the texts so it's really difficult to read them. 

Just saying that it's not that the characters I followed doesn't asks me for a date, they do. It just that the characters I NOT followed ends with asking along the character I did follow.

Awww maan. I want to play mooore (at least, to hang out with Owen's again) T-T

I hope the next update comes soon *-*

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Nah. Don't know any code xD

If I recall correctly, I think the difference I did was to lend the pencil to the cougar dude, choosing Andrew to play dodgeball and re-encounter him outside to talk about vape. I also treated Seth well. Gonna test if it's what I did to gain this scene.

UPDATE: It seems if I only interacts with Andrew, Jake comes to ask me a date. If I interact with both Seth and Andrew seems to trigger the same scene as well. If I only interacts with Owen's, Dorian comes to ask me a date. If I interacts with Seth, Owen's and Andrew, Jake comes ask me for a date. Probably it's the choices you have that triggers these kind of requests. To discover what triggers it, it's necessary to play each rote and write each choice and the result of them or something. >_<'

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no welcome man. And Rick is the bully you encounter at the parking lot after you lunch with Owen's. He said his name was Rick xD

One more thing: after exiting the class to encounter Owen's, it appears a message saying "save here" and then an error message appears. This was suppose to be the end for the current update, right?

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Hey man. Just played. I liked this new Owen's attitude. Although I think it was not your liking, you really didn't need to do that but to me he seems way more cool now. What a caring old bear #^^# (just for the record: by the way he acts every time Seth appears, I hope he gets jealous someday x33)

I hope to see what's gonna be between him and Rick, because of the way Rick cried. Maybe Owen's will discovers and feel bad? He doesn't need to look up for Rick but it would bring a subject to talk about with the player or something. Or not, only you to decides if you'll do that. But I hope there'll be a lots of subjects to talk about (and dates as well x3), like in Extracurricular Activities, being mundane, being serious subjects. That way we would connect with the characters even deeper. I really would like to know more about them (especially Owen's #^^#)

Also I noticed a bug, I don't know if it is: in last day, you encounter with the characters asking you for a date, even ones that I didn't had anymore encounters instead of the first day at gym (like in my case, I only encountered Owen's  but then Andrew, the cougar and the punk dog (can't recall their names) started to talk to me like a closer friend and asking me for a date in certain periods). Is that supposed to happen?

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Also what's the differences between Simulators, Older Dev and Newer Dev?

Yay. A new update. ^^

Can't wait to play. I'm busy at the moment

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But he's not that fat anymore

I wish he was like the example T-T

Also I prefer the second set, the bulky one. The current one seems too stiff. '-'

I would like to see a chubby minotaur. #'-'#