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Thank you for the detailed feedback!

Most of your concerns regarding this particular version of the game will at one point will be addressed during the polish stage of the game.

The throttle idea you mentioned might be interesting to implement. I'll put that in the backburner list for now and offer it as an option. Hopefully I will have time to implement that in the future.

As for the 3D projection HUD system, I don't think i'll be doing anything like that (sorry). I do agree it's a really cool concept but I'm sticking to the arcadish layout in general. However, I do have an idea that is a little bit different to what you're thinking but similar idea. Hopefully I can show it off in a few weeks with a new cockpit.


Thanks so much for the response! Anything you do in this game I will be happy with. I literally cant complain because we finally have an Ace Combat - like game on PC. Yay! Thank you, thank you.