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Thanks so much for the response! Anything you do in this game I will be happy with. I literally cant complain because we finally have an Ace Combat - like game on PC. Yay! Thank you, thank you.

Sorry I forgot to add my specifications for my PC
Average FPS is a constant 63 but sometimes dips to 59 pretty much irrelevant.
GPU: Zotac GTX 970 Amp Extreme Edition (Over clocked manually, forgot what I OC'd to)
CPU: Intel i7 4790K 4Ghz (OC'd as well but forgot what again xD )
8GB Ram

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So off the bat I'm in love with this project. I downloaded the game because I'm so intrigued since it's very reminiscent of Ace Combat and I gotta say there is so much potential here. I fully intend on donating to your project in the near future because you're just that awesome. Now I know this is in it's very early stages and that this project may be a side endeavour but here are some of my Ideas or suggestions if you will for the long run. A lot of these suggestions are on the more realistic side of things and i'm not sure if that's the path you are going on. Hopefully you go into a Arcade/Simulator path like Warthunder (Air) versus full out Arcade games but this is your project that you're putting money, time and talent into, not me. Perhaps these could be implemented in a "Hardcore" mode or something but basically this is stuff I wish Ace Combat has done in the past but they never have xD. Anyway here I go

*These are some feedback suggestions for the current version of your Alpha - 0.2.1109 that could be implemented in the next one*

- Possibly reduce the size of explosions on the ground when a target is killed to a more realistic size. They're way to large in my honest opinion. (Unless this is a game engine thing)
- Possibly slightly reduce the size of some HUD elements such as the targeting shapes around allies and enemies, they can be very obstructive especially when there are so many assets at once. (AC also suffered from this)
- Slightly decrease explosion sounds for exterior
- Make the explosion sounds for the interior much quieter
- Make the camera zooming in and out when slowing down and increasing optional
- | IGNORE THIS | Possibly adjust the physics of pulling back on the stick (Pitch). Its too UFO - like, like AC. Then again, I'm not sure how tight real fighter Jets can turn. | IGNORE THIS |

So far that's all I've felt that needed a look over. I'm so impressed with this project especially the sound design so far for the explosions and missiles and such.

*These are some ideas I'd thought would be interesting. Of course for the future if you're even interested*

- Somehow implement an actual throttle with levels of thrust rather than just the classical holding the trigger/bumper to after burn and not holding it at all to fly a neutral speed. Id love to have control of my engine rather than *No trigger 50% neutral* and *Press trigger 100% After burn*
- Again, I'm not going to even question your sound design because so far it's incredible (minus some jet sounds of course. I know, it's early as hell) One thing I would love to see though is some kind of mechanic where the sound travels at its correct speed. So the time the sound would take to reach you is relative to how far you are from the source. I admit I know nothing of acoustics and physics so I'm not sure if that will even matter.
- In the future when you start modelling the cock pit and it's features, Id love to see all applicable information WITHIN the Heads Up Display glass and not outside of it like Ace Combat and other Arcade games have always done...
^ Yes
^ No
But that's all I've got for now thanks for reading I wish you the best on your project! Looking forward to updates and don't worry I will be sending funds over soon. I'm so happy with what you're doing and please consider my ideas lightly, this is your game not mine. :D