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Pretty neat game you have here!! I have a few suggestions I mention at the end of the following video on what you could do. I also want to mention that this is probably the most unique style of gameplay I have seen off of this site in a while! Maybe if you implement the concept in an even more terrifying horror story, it would make for a really successful game!!

I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for your feedbacks !

The game was made in only 2 days during a game jam, so most of the development time we focused on the frequency mechanic, the main feature. So yes, we would like to implement a good story, running, all that kind of stuff that can make the game better and more fleshed out. We're already thinking about the improvements we can put in the concept for the future.

I truly cant wait to see what you do with that mechanic! I followed because I want to see how you will be implementing it in the future! You have something good here!!!