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Frosted Fricks

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This game was a lot of fun, really hard though. Mom seems a little unpredictable at times and at a certain percentage becomes overly aggressive!  I would love to be able to finish this game! 

This was really well made and great for laughs!!! I really did enjoy it and encourage people to play!!!

i loved this game!! The nostalgic feeling of watching an old twilight zone episode was the best and the extra added strings on the plane made it that much more impressive. I love little details like that!!! Thank you for this!

This was very eye opening and sent a very important message! I really enjoyed it and I am very happy you made this. Having lost a person from this it gave me good insight on what they might have been going through!

Thank you for making a fun and cool game! It was very nostalgic!

Loved everything about this, we featured this game recently on our channel in hopes to drive more attention to it!!!

This game is definitely challenging! BUT in it's simplistic visuals, it still manages to make itself very entertaining!. I feel bad I. A bit late on this video, but here is my experience!

This game was amazing and had brought me back to the good ol times of playing warioware on my gameboy! Thank you so much for making this game! I had to share it with my followers!!

This was fun to play and a good trip down memory lane, nice added feature of having the positions of the items randomized as well!!!

Loved this game!!!  The music was great and i had a lot of fun playing it. I can't wait to see what else you do with it!!

I hope you enjoy the play through I did on it!!!

hey buddy, I think the download for this might be a little wonked out! try downloading it through steam! It's still free

This game was fun to play! It did feel more like a prelude to something much bigger! I think you could make something pretty cool out of this!

This was a very fun short game!!! I really enjoyed it and It got me to think outside the box for a cold opening!

Going to be doing the final playthrough of it to get the "good" ending but before I do, I decided to also share this for the MCN i am a part of and get it into more hands!

Oh if you thought I was done with this you were very wrong!!!! I think I found the worst possible ending in my quest to solve the best possible ending!

What an emotional roller coaster this was!!!! I loved this ending and I have some theories that I might make another video on!!!!

I am trying to figure out how to get to that point! I would like a good ending myself!So, I am persevering and continuing the game till I can get to one!!!

This game is fantastic!!! I am really glad it forces the user to think outside of the box!!! The best part is IM NOT EVEN DONE YET!!!!

It just keeps getting more and more disturbing!!! I didn't think it was going to be like this but it just keeps going!!!!!

OOOOOKKKKKK so this finally got weird and very disturbing!!!! I think ill go sob in the corner now. For now, enjoy the video:

It continues, now I see why there is a disclaimer about the game touching base on certain subjects, but I still want to see why this is horror!! I am anticipating it, but I'm not at the same time because it's still seemingly pretty innocent.

Oh man! i have purposely not looked up any walkthroughs or spoilers just so whatever comes my way it is going to surprise me!

Well now this is getting a little sadder. : ( What's wrong with Sayori? I know this is the Yuri Route but she seems very distant at the moment. Maybe I'm being blind.

ok I do apologize for some reason I thought I posted part 2 in here! But I like how this is building and it definitely has grasped my attention!

so I played it a little more and now I'm hooked. There was a dark undertone that finally showed, but nothing too drastic yet! I am liking this so far though!

I really enjoy this game so far and have made a video about it, but I am still waiting for the psychological horror aspect. maybe it's still too early? I want to continue it to find out more!

Really Loved this game! I like how it was more of a study of game mechanics and less than an actual narrative with an ending! I also like how you released this after urbex to give us an idea where your thought process came from in constructing it! Kind of gives urbex a lore!

Here is my video good Dev!!!

LOOOOOVE the visuals again!  A big fan of the artist! Couldn't help but play the game. Definitely thinking of making a series for this!

I LOVED THIS GAME!!! It was so short but it had everything I wanted from a horror game!!!! This was fantastic!!!

I just had to play it!

We did a quick promo for your game on MGN today since I played when you released it I thought it would be cool to share to more people!!! 

This was a really well put together game and I LOVED the visuals!!!
Thank you for making it! Usually, I have some critiques at the end, but this was so well done I was actually left praising it more than anything!

I was determined to see this ending!!! Thank you for sharing this for me! It really does help!

It was simple but a lot of fun to play!!!

I really liked the ending!

As short as this was it was still really funny! I loved how it captured the amount of time you had to work on it perfectly! This is great!

This was interesting to play! Not a lot of gameplay as its only 4 minutes long, but it is a good start and sort of reminds my of spooky's house of jumpscares as far as its art style goes. I hope you enjoy the video!

I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Though I bag on the voice acting a little, it actually does give it a sort of charm! I left some critiquing on how to record the audio better towards the end of the video! I really hope you enjoy it a lot! Thank you for making this!