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Thanks a lot for your feedback! And bug reports is fine too :)

  • Yes, the list of trade routes like the list of traders is something I think of, but i have to find the best way to display the list (which can be long) and the details of a route and steps configuration in the same window without too much scrolling. A bonus will be to highlight the route on the map when you mouse over the route in the list.
  • The tutorial has a big problem: if you don't do the actions asked by the tutorial (like clic on the traders menu or create a route) and go to the next step then it can't find the element to attach the box and display it outside the screen. I'll try to fix that soon. By the way, during the tutorial, the left key does the same that the prev button so if it's blocked you can go back to the prev step and do the required action.
  • Argh, don't like these window bugs, i'll try to reproduce and fix it. What browser do you use?
  • About workshop, in auto mode it will produce only if the production line is profitable, i.e. price of needed resources (at the market) + production cost (a constant not displayed) must be inferior to the price of produced resource (at the market). I don't understand why the production stopped when it was in ON mode, maybe the necessary resources wasn't available at the market.

"The game mechanic is great. Very addictive. We want to see our little market growing up and are waiting for the next evolution. Really liked that. It reminds me a lot of 90's games that I enjoyed.

You made my day! :) 90's games inspire me a lot and I'm really glad I made you feel that way! I think I'll we display this quote on the main page of the game :)

Nice session, I think you made the most of what was possible and I need now to work on balancing the game to go further (several markets with more than 10 population for example is not possible now because there are not enough resources on the map).

I updated my tasks list with your feedback and I'll be very happy to hear your other suggestions. I'm really interested in you social media incorporation in game mechanics (I need more players! :)

Thanks again and enjoy :)