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Overall I liked the game, I was horribly disappointed with the ending however. That was just a brutal slap in the face! Also wish I could have killed Sue Ann in the jail cell, that disgusting rapist hoe needed to die a slow death. I was thrilled to see an actual romance I liked developing before my very eyes with Jake and Kate but for reasons unknown to me, devs either have no romance at all or like in this game, become a horrible tease with it only to stab it in the heart... For a game with choices that supposedly matter, a happy ending where evil doesn't win would have been really nice to get. 

Thanks for your feedback!  I completely understand your frustration over the ending.  In case you were not already aware, the story is not over yet, by any means.  This is only one chapter in a larger story, and it is one that will be getting its own specific sequel in the future.  All the characters in Shady Brook (Jake included) will be seen again in some form.  Kate, in fact, will be seen in Summit of the Wolf, which is coming out in a few months.  Without giving away any spoilers, let me just say--hold out hope!


Yes! I saw the intro for summit of the wolf and it looks really good. I played Stonewall penitentiary I think it's called and loved it! For some reason I thought Jessie was Eve lol so I didn't trust her. Then I had to go back and play it with her as my bestie lol I liked the previous games but the penitentiary one really reminded me of my fav hog games :D I'll definitely be on the lookout for for any new games I see from you.

Thanks for the kind words!