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I'm so tempted to get Aiden's full route on patreon cause I'm impatient lol James was the best route for me :D played a bit of Grays and Caines but so far my fav is James and Aiden :D I must know what happens with him next! Also Eeyok looks really interesting especially since he'll be a bit cold at first. These are so good, especially the steaminess. I just had to get James dlc and it didn't disappoint lol

Ok thanks! I'll try!

This looks so interesting though when I click to sleep it hangs up. I'm clicking everything lol even used my keyboard for y (yes) So I reloaded and just went to town but when I click on the sherrif the text block is empty and no matter what I click nothing happens. Only thing that works is esc which takes me to title screen. From the comments here I see this isn't a problem for anyone else, so im confused :/

I love the Zillah rewrite so much!!! His angst really got me lol nicely done!!

Oh wow this was such a delicious treat!!  The voice acting nailed it lol sexy and growly and that dream sex... Damn! This is exactly what I always look for but can never find. Please continue with this as its truly amazing!

Oh I do love a good mystery!  I will definitely continue reading :D

Yay! I was so excited when I saw this had been updated :D oh it's getting so good! I'm dying to know who the renegade and shadow are to Rayco as they keep calling him pretender and also the renegade seems to think we look like someone from his past maybe? Its just so intriguing! I did find two errors at least I think they are since I'm with Rayco, here they are.

The demon is between you and the path to the door, Omar is not here to help you, and you can't fight comfortably in this room, much less if you have to hold the torch up to be able to see.

And here too

“Damn it! Omar-”

Oh back to Rayco, he really didn't want me touching his wounded wing :( I wanted to kiss it all better but he shot me down lol I did melt though when he protected me within them. Great chapter!

Oh it's so good so far! I couldn't put it down! Alexsander caught my interest as I love cracking the ice around cold hearts lol I'm hoping he'll truly fall in love with her as she's had such a sad life :/ I really want these two to fall for each other. Like a slow burn that eventually burns the palace down lol Also hoping we'll be able to absolutely f up her father's and older sisters plans. Abrin being absent makes me think they kept him away on purpose as he would have protested or some such that's what I'm hoping anyway! Eagerly awaiting updates :D

This is just terrific! The romance scene in chapter 5 was nicely done too, the music playing during that part was perfect! I like all the characters but Prince Irus has had my heart from the start :D

Oh good! His type of romance is my absolute favorite! I'm glad to hear that he will be unsuccessful :D

Wow this is just terrific! Rayco is so afraid to love me it breaks my heart! Oh man the angst is going to kill me lol Eagerly awaiting future chapters! I did find some minor spelling errors but I didn't bother to take note of them but I did take note of he/she errors and one description error which I'll list here. 

 When omar meets his father. When the king is talking about the sick. Omar lowers her gaze.

When searching for rayco in the library he's referred to as a redhaired man instead of purple.

When choosing who to visit, in Lucas room I ask if he needs omar to help with his headache "No." She says curtly.

When talking to Albert about his fight with Luca, "Well, now you know what to do when things calm down. And... I think she'll see your point, too."

When visiting Omar after drawing on the sleeping guard,  "Don't you think these armors look a little bland?" She asks with a half-smile that you know very well. Another one forms on your face.

Omar escaping from Daira,  Daira lets her pass, trying not to show the small smile she tries to suppress, although the slight curve that forms at the corner of her lips gives her away.

When talking to Daira about Omar, "Not good," you reply with a grimace. "She's come home to find everything turned upside down."

Here also : “She's told me something, but I'd like to hear the whole story."

And here: "Did she have any problems with anyone?"

Here too: "On one of her excursions, Omar met a girl from Pio Suave. A commoner. 

"the same day of the funeral she picked up a couple of things and ran away. 

Please fix when you can :D Your story is amazing and I've had several hours of non stop enjoyable reading. Thank you!!

Looking forward to this! :D

It's been almost a year since the last update here. Just wondering how it's going. I'm really looking forward to this!

Yes I'm having this problem too on the browser version via my phone :( I guess I'll go with Aena :D

This was really terrific! Mirren caught my interest right off I just got these angsty vibes whilst reading lol I'd like to think that the reason he avoids eye contact/touch is because otherwise he would reveal his all consuming love/lust lol oh how I can wish! His teeth grinding just cinches it for me. Rez now... Damn. His route will be second for me definitely but Mirren is first :D I will definitely pay $5 for the full game no problem!

Yay :D I was also curious about him since he appears so nice he's probably the worst of the two lol the music in the menu is so good! Such a lovely game so far please continue to the end :D

I loved the voice acting although the voice for Esmius... I don't think it fits lol I was hoping his voice would be the really sexy one from our room. I will however give him a chance :D Can't wait to play this!

This was very nice! Voice acting was such a surprise and it was very well done too! Edwin's voice especially :D It was sexy and growly which considering him being a werewolf was perfect! I hate sad endings though that's my only complaint. A happy ending here would have been so awesome but alas.

Oh ok :) Yes playing further I found them! I'm surprised at how different the paths can be, in a good way! I was so sad when I got to Atillas end path. The thief was one of my favs though! Can't wait to see where his will go. Also Jaeid caught my interest! Just a phenomenal job so far! Keep it up :D

Wow! I'm loving this so much! I just slept with Varga (so hot!) But I was surprised that it was only a black background during that scene. I'm guessing the nsfw scenes are just for paetron? Varga is so romantic I really hope he stays that way :D Just awesome so far I had to comment.

I tried this a few years back. Was pretty interesting I guess, definitely not worth that price point though.

Sure! I'm doing another playthrough and will let you know :)

Thanks so much for having a female protagonist choice! Being a woman I'm always looking for this in naughty games lol Really like that you have straight content too. Alot of these types of games don't so I really appreciate this! 

Hey guys I don't see the download button :/ how do I download??

Oh I love this so much! Rylan is so hot! Really really glad you gave us the option to play as a female! It's so hard to find  good naughty games with a female protagonist. Also love that you gave us the option of turning on and off certain kinks, nice! I will definitely be checking back for more content for this. The only "bugs" if you will, that I've found is the occasional words"he" or "cock" in place of my female playthrough lol but it's easily overlooked as I've only found 2 such instances. Very nice job!

Same! :D Currently replaying with Vexx!

Glad to hear you're making progress :D Looking forward to this so much!!

I really enjoyed it! It was hard though which surprised me in a visual novel. So many interesting characters! I was shocked when I found out about Cassel though. I have yet to play his route but the ending  for Vincent was so sad! Maybe I just got a bad ending? Seemed like the ominous end could be resolved hopefully in the next release but I just don't know lol Regarding the darker tone, I personally love dark and gritty and sexy! Was sad to see that the mature content was removed :( I'm a mature woman who isn't offended by visual novel hotties baring their hot bodies lol I'm hoping you guys will give us pervs some nsfw update that would be terrific! Victor is still my fav :D

Can't wait! Happy you're releasing on steam first lol it's where my money is.

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Oh my I just read these little snippets from each of the guys and I absolutely love them! Really liking the point of view from their side! It's clear they're smitten already :D Really looking forward to more!!

Really looking forward to this! The demo was short but I just loved it! Seth is sexy and dangerous lol glad to hear he gets a route, I'll play him first :D

I'd happily pay $25-35 for a long vn with this many characters in the future. Cant wait!!

I'm with you on this. That is what yuri and yaoi is for. It seems people aren't satisfied if gay, bi etc isn't in everything though. Funny how they say don't judge and yet they can't respect your straight otomes. Thanks for the warning though, won't be playing this as I too am not interested in this type of otome.

Oh wow! That trailer was such a tease! The music and eye candy and oh zooming in on Victor like that! I loved it! I can't wait till this gets released! I be anxiously waiting!

Oh wow thanks so much for the update. I don't follow anyone on those, I should lol That pic is spicy looking, I can't wait to play the whole game! Keep up the good work!!

I love the sound effects! It really brings the story to life! I can't wait for the full routes on these guys! I love your work so much. Truths untold is definitely one I'll be anxious to play! :D

I am eagerly awaiting this! I read your most recent post and it seems you're so close to full release. I can't wait!! I'm gonna replay the demo again cause it's been a while :D

Oh my this was exquisite! Virion was the absolute best! His ending was so heartfelt I could hear his heart breaking and in the sequel his reunion was so good I cried!