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Yes! I saw the intro for summit of the wolf and it looks really good. I played Stonewall penitentiary I think it's called and loved it! For some reason I thought Jessie was Eve lol so I didn't trust her. Then I had to go back and play it with her as my bestie lol I liked the previous games but the penitentiary one really reminded me of my fav hog games :D I'll definitely be on the lookout for for any new games I see from you.

Overall I liked the game, I was horribly disappointed with the ending however. That was just a brutal slap in the face! Also wish I could have killed Sue Ann in the jail cell, that disgusting rapist hoe needed to die a slow death. I was thrilled to see an actual romance I liked developing before my very eyes with Jake and Kate but for reasons unknown to me, devs either have no romance at all or like in this game, become a horrible tease with it only to stab it in the heart... For a game with choices that supposedly matter, a happy ending where evil doesn't win would have been really nice to get.