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Is the game finished? I'm following you and your game but never got any message about it. Now I see the price tag is added. Is it complete?

Thanks and have a fine day! :)

Hey Athansasius,

Great to hear from you! We are going to write a post about what we are up to within the coming three days. Here is what is happening nowadays:

1. We have started our marketing campaign! The game will be launched by the end of February--it is just around the corner!

2. Second (and this is a big one!), we have been optimizing our game.  This optimization is the main reason why it took us more than anticipated (despite that the game is finished and playable already).It will be all the same amount of fun, but with less waiting time between the scenes. :)

So watch out for the update posts within three days from now. Thank you again for following us!


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Hello Hari,

thank you for your reply! That sounds great, I'll stay tuned then. :)

Have a wonderful day!

edit: and I wanted to add that I'm glad you use the time to iron out performance issues and optimize the game. I had some performance problems when I tried the demo, so I really appreciate you don't rush the game out. I really respect when developers show that kind of responsibility and dedication to their game and the intended audience.

We appreciate hearing this from you. Totally agreed! The enhanced demo has just been uploaded. We will appreciate it a lot if you give it a try and let us know if you feel the difference. :)