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I don't understand why I'm forced to name my character anon to reach the secret room, it should be accessible regardless of the name you choose in the game...


We thought using the name field as way to trigger the VIP Room would be non-intrusive and somewhat similar to putting in a cheat code. It also meant people would have to create a new save file to do it, which means at least their first playthrough was as we intended.

That said, we figured that playing as "Anon" would be bothersome to some people and that's why we left an option to change your character's name in there. So you'll only have to play as "Anon" for a minute or two :) Sorry for the trouble.


Oh, I'm sorry I thought you couldn't change it (I never found the room before) 

Don't worry, that was an important point you raised. I went ahead and edited the post to add it, as I believe more people would have that question.