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I am an aspiring level designer/programmer looking for a!

1. Introduction: Hello! My name is Kyle. I'm in the EST timezone. I'm usually around from 9am until midnight or so. I'm fairly new to game development. I have Unreal and Unity installed, but have only really played around with Unreal. I'm currently enrolled in a Software Development degree program in college.

2. Skills: I have a fair amount of SolidWorks experience to draw from if there's any models that could be made in there and transferred into a 3D asset creation software. I'm not the best programmer in the world but I have a good foundation and can usually get things working to some degree. Some things that really interest me are level design and mechanic/combat design. I would also really love to learn how to use Maya (the free educational license is awesome) or even Blender. I can't draw worth a damn, but I can use CAD programs, so I feel like a bit of that ability would translate to 3D modeling.

3. Programs/Languages: Solidworks (CAD), LaTeX (markup language), C++, C, Python, JavaScript

4. Portfolio: In terms of game design, I don't really have a portfolio to put out there.

5. Contact: The best way to contact me is probably through twitter @NullFragment, or through Discord if we could set one up.

6. Other: The only real expectation I have is to hope to find a group that I can be helpful to and learn / improve some of my skills that would be applicable to the game design industry.