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Yeah, unfortunately there's only so much I can fix. I believe this should be in the readme, but if not I'll add it in! The other way to fix it, is to disable DPI scaling.


Thanks for the reply!  I overlooked the readme, that would have saved me a bunch of time.  
Another issue (I don't know if it was caused by the patch) when switching weapons with the numbers it always goes to the fire bullets version.  Just mentioning it just in case.

Once again, well done!  I wish I was half as smart as you.

Yeaa that's the default behaviour of the game. It's annoying and a bit tricky to modify. It technically defaults to the "best" available ammo. I might look into adjusting it though. 

And no worries, hope you enjoyed the game! 

I guess it's a good way to make me use the "good" ammo.  Otherwise, I'll save the good ammo until I really need it and I'll never use it.