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I guess it's a good way to make me use the "good" ammo.  Otherwise, I'll save the good ammo until I really need it and I'll never use it.

Thanks for the reply!  I overlooked the readme, that would have saved me a bunch of time.  
Another issue (I don't know if it was caused by the patch) when switching weapons with the numbers it always goes to the fire bullets version.  Just mentioning it just in case.

Once again, well done!  I wish I was half as smart as you.

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Maybe a unique situation.  But if you're duplicating your 1080p monitor and a 4k TV.  You get some odd results, the game is zoomed on both the tv and monitor.

To fix this:
Open the properties menu on the shortcut -> Compatibility -> Change high DPI settings -> check High DPI scaling override and select Application.

I also checked Use this setting to fix scaling... and select when "I open this program."  but this one seems unnecessary. 

Edit: Also, thanks for the Patch!