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BEING ONE 6 - BETA VERSION 0.4 - 03 FEB 2017

*Added lift to New area - Just an empty room currently.

*Score points for viewing datapads, shooting spycams & collecting crystals (max score 21,000)

*New area - Will be the hub to the extra levels that the full version will have.

*Minor bug fixes in game and in 3D level model.

*Added security camera droid hovering about - You can shoot it now.

Download it, check it out and please give me some feedback, ideas and comments.

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I'm really liking the way this is turning out. It will definitely be the best Being One by far! Thanks for the edition of mouse over text :) I always enjoyed the exploration of the previous titles.


Yeah, I am hoping to keep it mostly exploration and puzzles with occasional shooting - I want to stay true to the point & click games of the previous episodes but with more freedom via the FPS control system.