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Patch Notes - 12/01/16


  • Some rebalancing work to make Life cards less powerful - especially in conjunction with Charge Tiles
  • Burn Bunnies can no longer hurt players with Oven Sleeves equipped
  • Ability Cards received from the Network now come fully charged + ready for use
  • Added new Port Witch Challenge Room
  • Moved to the SDL2 window manager - improved gamepad + monitor support
    Graphics settings now saved
    Language now selectable from the settings menu
  • Larger scenery now sways in the wind
    Some textboxes draw text character-by-character
    Revised day/night meter visuallyVisual revisions to all environments - tiles + colour tweaks
    Visual tidy-up to Wires
    Visual / animation polish to getting knocked down by a Scrootveg
  • You can now copy seed from pause menu to text buffer / paste seed from text buffer to seed entry, by pressing the copy/paste buttons

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with unlocked framerate / Vsync off, where Card cursor would move way too quickly
  • Fixed crash bugs when particular lines of text appeared above the player's head in French,Spanish and German
  • Fixed crash if you used the Mutate Burst card and ONLY had Combined (Slab) Cards
  • fix for 'Other X' card property text being incorrect (e.g. it would say 'Other Spikepans:' for a card which was not a Spikepan)

Patch Notes - 21/12/16

** This is our final update of the year - we'll be back in early January for more Loot Rascals fun. Have a good one! **


  • Sometimes Card rockets now crash outside of the safe zone
  • Added some new sound effects
  • Adjusted ability icons in bottom right so they all look consistent when desaturated
  • Steam traps are now handled before enemies move
  • Enemies at the end of their range now have a visual 'tell'
  • Updated the day/night meter visually
  • Adjusted Card Rocket take-off sequence
  • Discovering resistances/weaknesses of an enemy will auto-discover it in their cousins (e.g. Wook and Wom will share information)
  • Graphics options will now be saved
  • Tweaked Card Atk/Def backgrounds

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a number of memory leaks which were potentially responsible for crashes
  • No longer show the 'Reinforcements have arrived' dialogue every game - only once
  • Ice tiles created by the Lick Boy are no longer a different colour on the map
  • Fixed Unique cards in Emitters popping in at the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed bug with flip day/night card
  • Fixed problem where cards looted by enemies could appear floating in the HUD / Journal
  • Network status panel no longer stuck onscreen at the start of Seeded Games
  • Fixed Thimblethug head alignment issues

Patch Notes - 15/12/16

Leaderboard update:

This update will have to wipe your leaderboard scores. Sorry but it's now the perfect chance to claim that top spot.


Lots of new audio

New credits videos

Lunk & Webjock powers have been swapped

Number of ability cards in world 1 has been reduced

Ice tile duration reduced

Chef now falls asleep after handing in quest card.

Ice & Plasma damage tweaks

Holos now persist between levels

Small cards tweaks

Bug Fixes:

Fixed map items disappearing after using Satnav Teatowel

Egg Generals now react to enemies spawning next to them correctly

Fixed bug related to scrootvegs incorrectly knocking cards out

Thief can now teleport past surrounding enemies after stealing

Invisible ice tile nook fix

Leaderboard display fix

Fixed problem related to logging in via Facebook/Google

Fixed amount of footprints being spawned by player movement

Fixes to save game process to avoid corruption