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There will be, yes.

Not everyone in your friendship circle by default is going to want to date you, or see you as a viable romantic interest, so Sal is a bit more slow burn in that regard. It'll happen, but maybe let him warm up to the idea first.

Oh alright, that is true, I'm obsessed with him lmao

Lol I like him to and asked the same thing a wile back. I'm also a bit worried how Orlando will take it when it happens. A small part of me wishes you can enter a polygamous relationship with them both but I know that will probably never happen.

Given what happened between Sal and Orlando, I would've thought that option was off the table already. :P

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Lol I know but a guy can dream XD still hope Orlando takes it ok though :) Orlando is my favorite so far I'd hate to upset him even if it's in a different time line XD