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Hi, Thank you for the quick reply! I had been using 0.3 on mac, placing the nwj in it's folder and it worked fine. I spent a few hours making an animation at 128x128. I Saved as, and exited. (no export as i wanted to finish later) Coming back the next day I have not been able to open recent, or open the file by searching for it. I'll click the file and nothing will happen, but I'll get an error log like this,

failed to load chrome-extension://dnlcphfbppfamdbgagjjeakmghplikll/Users/mstoneking1/Documents/baikin.ptop

or any path I place the saved ptop file in. I was able to open the file i animated in text edit and it definitely still has content!

Any help would be appreciated!


(Also, i must note that all versions of Ptop have ran on my mac, so I went to the older ones and they could not open the file as well. Perhaps my setup for saving is incorrect?)

Hi, I did a bug fix (v 0.3.1) that corrects this bug (test on OSX 10.10.5, but must work for all).

That's not the full support of mac spec (I want to set menu on the mac way and bundle an app...) but it is usable with nw.js, and you would be able to open your .ptop files!

I finished the mac port!