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Fantastic crafting system! I'm more of a fan of ingredient based crafting susch as those in Paper Mario and BOTW than recipe based systems but they were almost impossible to find plugins for. 

One question though, which lines in the plugin do I comment out // if I would like to hide the fourth slot completely from being selected? I don't plan on using it at all. Currently I'm leaving the name blank to "hide" it but preferably remove it completely so it's one less line to scroll down to get to the craft confirm.


I haven't tried this myself so it might run into some weird visual problems, but line 4903 contains an if statement that tells the window to draw the craft button when a certain index line is reached in the ingredient list. This number is 4 by default, meaning that when it gets to index 4, it draws the craft button instead of an ingredient (ingredients are index 0-3). Change that number to a 3 and it will skip drawing the 4th ingredient slot. 

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The ingredient count got replaced with the "craft button" but the help text and locked slot is still there 🤔

The actual craft button is still below the 4th slot

Ah, sorry, there was a line that needed to be comment out as well.

Line 4899 - this.drawItem(index + 1);

That line draws the craft button. Comment it out, as the change I had you make draws the craft button in index 4 instead of index 5.

Also, line 6217 does a check to see if you've pressed ok on an ingredient slot, or the craft button by comparing the index, you'll need to change the <= 3 on that line to a <= 2 so that it knows you're hitting the craft button that we've moved up an index slot.

Hmm, still seems to be missing something. Nothing seems to have changed

Greetings. Sorry it took a bit to get back to you on this. I found a slightly more elegant solution than what I was previously suggesting.

Since I already went to the trouble of testing it out myself, I already have a patch file created. Simply load it after the crafting system plugin and it will hide the fourth slot, and skip over index 3 on the list.

It can be downloaded from the Crafting System main page, labeled as the three ingredient slot patch.

It works now! Thank you!