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Yeah sure, I was literally afraid at first while playing this game thinking that something might jumpscare me but everything was fine. Btw, when is your next game coming? May we get a sneak peek or something? And I have one humble request to you that is, can you try to make the movement speed faster or somewhat optimised? It was the only thing that was bothering me the whole time. How about making it 2× faster like the emulators found on stores? I would really appreciate that. But anyway, all the best for your next game!


Haha, someone else that made a video also announced it as a horror game but it really isn't. I haven't worked that much on the sequel yet but I did already post about it on social media (see links to all of them on my profile page here). It doesn't really make sense to me that you want the player character to walk even faster... Especially not 2x, the player already walks faster than in most games (unless for some reason the game was running slow for you but I doubt it).


The character speed is a bit faster than the GBA characters but it gets annoying after a while. But maybe keyboard is also to blame (my keyboard is the worst). If my keyboard is to blame and the laptop to be less optimised then there's no more problems in your game! Well done!

I'm sure there is no problem on my side. Maybe the game ran slower than it should on your PC or you're just a bit impatient ^^'