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I really liked this game. It was a whole lot different than other horror games. I like it's style. It's really fun to play for even the cowardly people like me. I personally got scared when the clock started to ring and when the shadow appeared infront of my desk. Great job!

The character speed is a bit faster than the GBA characters but it gets annoying after a while. But maybe keyboard is also to blame (my keyboard is the worst). If my keyboard is to blame and the laptop to be less optimised then there's no more problems in your game! Well done!

Yeah sure, I was literally afraid at first while playing this game thinking that something might jumpscare me but everything was fine. Btw, when is your next game coming? May we get a sneak peek or something? And I have one humble request to you that is, can you try to make the movement speed faster or somewhat optimised? It was the only thing that was bothering me the whole time. How about making it 2× faster like the emulators found on stores? I would really appreciate that. But anyway, all the best for your next game!

I don't know if I should call this a video or a game? Why not both? Video game! Although it didn't have many functions but I was freaking scared. I can't remember much of my childhood memories but yes I was afraid when things didn't go as I wanted them to (probably not a garage door) Afterall, hell yes I liked it and yeah it made sense to me.

Actually I'm really afraid of horror stuffs too but I think that a horror game in this style will not be that much scary. BTW, you can make a horror game which isn't really related to ghosts but is related to normal stuffs, misunderstandings, hallucination and dreams. Although these are just my ideas I think that you may come up with much more interesting concepts. 

It's a really weird, fun and cool game. I liked the whole concept and the GBA style. This is one of the best pixeleted games I've played so far! Nice Job! I'm looking for another part or sequel of it. BTW, I'd love a horror game of this style so if you make one then I'd be glad to play it.