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Idk man... so far they reeeaaally seem to like me. :P

I've gotten 4 endings. Unless there's some super secrets, I doubt I missed anything.

The game has a very interesting 90s aesthetic. I feel it could be even more apparent with color (for example, if Rose's outfit were yellow like Alicia Silverstein's Clueless get-up), but I'm trusting that the black&white sprites were a conscious decision -- especially since the two ending CGs were in color. 

The characters.... grew on me, but it took a bit of time. Maria seemed a bit inconsistent, playfully teasing me about canoodling with Rose one moment, and then being pissed the next moment I choose to stay with Rose. And then apologizing for being angry, saying she totally understands why I would choose Rose. ???Que???

Perhaps this is because it's the playthrough where I tried to be a good friend and hang out with them equally. I understand Maria has mixed feelings, but still, maybe that could have been shown a bit more through dialogue.

There's a Very Special Moment after the Campfire Drama happens, if I side with Maria, go talk to Rose, and uh... still side with Maria? I reminded me of another game that I won't name, and I couldn't help wondering if the game would take a darker turn. But so far, that was the only Special Moment I found.

Transitions for both sprites and music are a bit abrupt. I'd recommend trying out something like "with dissolve" and "fadein 1.5" respectively. Especially when the static overlay of disapproval starts -- it'd be good to still have a little music fading out.

There's a very nice narrative touch when Maria goes quiet if you choose to bitch about your parents.

One complaint: when searching for the matches, I wanted to stay at camp by myself. Rose could just go with Maria... It seemed like a good compromise to me! lol. But when I elected to stay at camp, the narration unfortunately assumed I was choosing Rose.  :(

Some playtesting notes:

Since I played as a girl, there were a could of missed gender-cues.

Maria "Her not-boyfriend just took some other girl's side in an argument." (And then the next two subsequent lines. Boyfriend boyfriend boyfriend lol.)

Also: "Like, in high school, you didn't want to be the kid who talked about his parents."

And a couple typos:

"Afraid I'll peak?"  Should be "peek" I think lol.

Maria "Well, okay Rose, two option here." Should be two options.

This was all I could find; at the beginning I was too busy trying to get a feel for the game and didn't let myself get distracted my any minor errors. About halfway through though, I was pretty confident that nothing was out to get me in the dark woods, and was comfortable jotting down some notes.

Overall, I had enough fun that I would be down to see these characters again. Had a bit of an iffy experience naming myself "Mia," though, since we sounded like triplets born to confuse people lmao. Maria, Mia, and Rose.... It's like a tongue twister.

When the next DTIPIJDLY comes out I'll definitely be named something else. :)

Thanks for the feedback, especially the playtesting notes! I don't know how the pronouns slipped through there, I'll be sure to catch those in this weekends update. 

I'll also say that you've caught the only Very Special Scene... for now. And that you don't have to worry too much about it being like a certain unnamed game.  The knives aren't coming out anytime soon, and you'll need to worry about a lot more than JUST ROSE.