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The demo, while brief, whetted the appetite for more. The start was slow, but the story got going and just as I was eager to really get into it, just as my interest was piqued, the demo gives you a wink and says, 'patience'.

That being said the artwork was gorgeous and the controls were pretty standard as far as VNs go. That's not a put down, ease of access and controls is a plus when playing games that are story driven. The menu was also cute and I appreciated the gold theme.

Like I said previously the story has fantastical potential, if a slow start and maybe one or two spelling errors. But those don't deter from the reading much and I loved the little nods to games that let you know about characters approval ratings.

Ultimately I love the game and can't wait for more!

Thank you so much for your kind word, it's true the demo is short but we are really glad you liked it anyway ! We are now working on the update to DESTROY all this spelling mistakes, and to improve the the controls/accessibility. We hope you will like it... I can't say too much but it might also give... a little more content ~ 

Have a lovely day, and thank you again for your support, it's really precious to us.