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The demo, while brief, whetted the appetite for more. The start was slow, but the story got going and just as I was eager to really get into it, just as my interest was piqued, the demo gives you a wink and says, 'patience'.

That being said the artwork was gorgeous and the controls were pretty standard as far as VNs go. That's not a put down, ease of access and controls is a plus when playing games that are story driven. The menu was also cute and I appreciated the gold theme.

Like I said previously the story has fantastical potential, if a slow start and maybe one or two spelling errors. But those don't deter from the reading much and I loved the little nods to games that let you know about characters approval ratings.

Ultimately I love the game and can't wait for more!

Its rare that a game this short can make a person go through a plethora of emotion. Not ashamed to admit I cried at all the endings.

Beautiful art and A++ writing.