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Okay, this has been a long gap from me gjving rating to writing the comment but oh well revisiting this short twisty adorable otome once in a while is good for my weak heart. Such a good writing for gender neutral protagonist, too! 

I can't choose between Beau, Pierre, or Appolo/Ringo as the favorite. One is my favorite trope of childhood friend, another is the first route I achieved his Happy Ending within a single playthrough and without looking at the guide, but also questioning my taste in teacher-high schooler love story. THEN comes my favorite fruit in the dorky doctor suit completed with the revealation of his glasses while I already warned and chanted in my mind you bet itwill be a sour-sweet romance like his head, brace the sourness and surprise  he already had SO who you also know very well but still helping us and realizing it is the third-person trope that hits too close to home.... so, Appolo wins :'D

My only concern and actually the best part of it is collecting the piece of mystery and the implication of Momotarou's devilish cultist sacrifice obsession towards us through the chocolate. If the protagonist would redeveloping feelings to the other six characters (friendship or romance, up to intepretation and expectation) and finally share the ominous gift, then later stated that eating the chocolate perhaps plus the power of those lovely feelings with the chosen character, lol IS the cure... 

Have we ever eat the chocolate before meeting Momotarou at the stall? We are still in his influence, aren't we??

Thanks so much for your rating and for this comment~ I'm so happy you enjoyed the game enough to play it multiple times and I'm glad you enjoy the characters too! Cx A prequel game is in the works and hopefully some questions will be answered. Please look forward to that one as well~ Thank you again <3 C:


Oh my, there will be a prequel ?!! We truly don't deserve you. 

Take your time tho, I'll stay-tuned ^^