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hey belial, Uzumaki won't be making it to the next version because of legal reasons, players will be able to add their own custom elder gods with the in-game card editor though and I can't wait to see them! As of limiting mysteries, right now they are not connected in any way with the chosen elder god and you can easily treat them as Ito's short stories. The game focuses of mysteries, really. Elder gods are a way of adding more flavor, additional mechanics and god-specific events.

much love, Paweł

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thanks a lot for the reply!

best of luck working on the game ^.^

also finally figured out what exp is for, you gain one random perk after you gain a level right? it might better so that you choose a perk out of a possible of three, but that might make the game less random.

not sure if it's a bug or not, but after some play through I found the steak knife to be kind of useless, you can equip it to gain a 1+2d roll if I remember correctly, but you can also just kick for for 1+2d roll, did I miss something? T.T

Choosing a perk is a sweet idea! Def. implementing it in the next version! As of steak knife, it's the most basic weapon and kicking's bonus depends on character's strength

thanks, that would make the game more interesting with the added amount perks.

yeah I'll stop bothering you for now, so hyped for the next version! :D