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I started with 2.0 then after a couple of hours playing with it downloaded and played with 1.3.

My major first impression is that out of the box 1.3 currently feels like the major upgrade in progress and 2.0 feels like the old version. 

The big things I noticed that made me feel this way:

The move/resize gizmo tool in 1.3 is far better then the one in 2.0.

The 2.0 move/resize gizmo feels like a major downgrade as it is so much harder to keep things alighned and moving in the correct direction.

Middle mouse panning is vastly better in 1.3: [though it is slow and could use a speed bump]

In 2.0 middle mouse panning is inaccurate and sloppy making it so you have to readjust and do a lot of needless spining a round to get the angle that you want. 

Copy & Past works more naturally in 1.3:

Copy & Past works as expected of a program in 1.3, whereas 2.0 acts strange and unnatural compared to any other 2D/3D program I have ever used.

Texture paint tab  feels like a  downgrade:

1.3 You can add new colors right in the tab, whereas 2.0 you have to use a menubar item.

In 1.3 you can also see all the textures at one time rather then having to click through drop downs which is a lot faster.

Overall I was feeling rather disappointed with my purchase of 2.0 and how sloopy it was feeling.  1.3 however leaves a vastly better impression due to it's tighter and overall better general controls and interface.

2.0 is in preview state, features will be improved on and introduced later on.