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Anything ever come out of this? I'm working in Unity and with Dialogue System and am looking for a good tool I can give people to write stories with that I can then use in the unity project.

I realize this is not really a great question so feel free to ignore it, but I've dreamed of making a MegaMan Legends clone since playing the original game in the 5th grade.

Life's finally at a point where I can start working on it, any tips or important lessons you've learned you'd be willing to share? [especially on the visual creation side]

As a P/s I've always liked how casual MML was so I plan on making a much easier game focused more on metroidvania style exploration more than hard combat so I don't think I'm a risk to your audience at all.

After religiously playing the beta every night before bed I have a couple major things I’d like to say.


#1 You’re awesome! You’re making the game that I’ve always thought needed to exist.  

No story: Critical, because it allows the player to feel like they are really spending time in these places in the world, and not having to be in someone else’s skin to do it.  

Real places: Or at the very least, very close to real, you are giving people who will never have the chance to see these great locations a chance to not only see them, but to feel like they have experienced them, and an open ticket to go and visit whenever they want. I feel like saint-Gervai-les-Bains, is an actual meaningful place in my life now, and I can all but guarantee you that I’ll be coming back to visit it years from now with a great sense a warm nostalgia, and a place that I’ll be excited to show friends and family.  

I know dozens of people who buy and play hunting games just so they can wander around the mountain trials and we all hate having to support the hunting genre to do that, and it’s not something you can easily share with others because of the hunting game requirements.


#2 I’d like to share 2 cents worth of a dream.  

I’m on the poor side of life and am usually hard to get to pay for much game wise, BUT this game or rather experience is incredible. When it comes out, I will buy it at full price, and I truly believe you would be doing the world an amazing service if you released many $10/place or $15 with seasons DLCs for years to come of more places. At the speed and quality that you make places you could turn this game into a master piece of artistic worldly experience that would resonant deeply with countless people in both the modern and future times, like other great works of art in history.  

So just for example even as a very frugal game spender I’d be very willing to pay $10 for a DLC that was say one of the Birch Forests in the fall found in Colorado or New Hampshire or $15 if it was that location with the option to see it both in the fall and spring which are the two most amazing times to get to Birch Forests.  

I love these experiences so much; it is hard for me to imagine that I wouldn’t buy every single DLC you ever make if you go that route.


#3 Game tweaks suggestions  

1# Make full screen less aggressive, when you try to alt-tab out or accidentally hit the Win key the game fights to the death to stay in full screen. At least on my system. [Win 11 64-bit, 1080 ti, Dell 2k screen]  

2# Add at least basic weather options to all places [rain, cloudy, clear, overcast]  

3.a# Add a real time lighting system, that like Animal Crossing would  sync the lighting up to your real-world time. Millions of people are willing to wake up early to catch a morning bug in animal crossing I’m sure plenty would be fine with waking up early one day to catch a morning photo to 100% a game too.  

3.a.note# It could be unlocked by completing the normal version of the game. So you do the current Night/Day/Morning phots, then you unlock real-time mode as the reward.  

3.b# In real-time mode to keep people truly hooked it would be good to make a few time sensitive photos in order to get the all-important 100% steam badge, no reward other than a steam achievement or the in-game none-steam equivalence. Again, people love being forced to go an extra mile for the 100% It’s one of the reasons why people are so willing to play games like Animal Crossing for months and years even if they don’t like decorating the island.  

4# Some basic wildlife, just so the world feels a tad bit livelier. I think even just a handful of birds that do bird things would be enough for virtually any location, maybe toss in some butter flies in medowy areas that are in spring and summer seasons.  Maybe as an ester egg have a wondering house cat, the cat people would probably love that. XD  

If you managed to read all of that, thanks again for these experiences no matter what you wind up making and where it all winds up taking you, know you’ve already made meaningful impacts in people’s lives with them.  

It would be handy if you could COPY in other programs like Aseprite, Photoshop, Affinity designer [copies as SVG]...etc and PASTE into Pixel over as a new object layer

Since pixel editing tools aren't a major focus of the project it would make a lot of sense to allow better integration with an editor for easy imports and faster setup time. 

I've tried every keyboard + mouse combo I can think of and nothing seems to pan.

6.5 is broke compared to 6.1

#1 At the start screen: No matter what you click it only opens the same file.

#2 Save doesn't work... No file is saved

#3 Opening other files from File -> Open also doesn't work...

Just found the interface scale setting, and was able to turn it down to something that fits, but it makes the interface unreasonably blurry. Eg: Little too much eye strain to read.

(1 edit)

The search bar update convinced me to give it a buy, and out of the box the first issue I'm running into is that the tool bar is too big for my full screen monitor.

Display Resolution: 1920 x 1440

DPI  175%  [this is a requirement and can not be changed otherwise everything else on the screen is too small to read.]

(1 edit)

Saw the dark mode update and nearly got it until I noticed right at the end that there's no search box in any of the screenshots, nor listed as a feature.

I can't really imagine using a tool like this without a good quick search, so thought I should check to see if it was an unlisted/unshown feature or just not added yet.

I find this interesting, but too blinding to try until it has a dark mode.

heads up: Minimize is broken in the beta for 1.3

Really, from the Demo it seemed like there was still a lot missing and not working properly. Such as not being able to properly pan, Ctrl+Mouse wheel doesn't pan at all in the demo.

A couple of major features I feel are kind of missing in my short little demo experience:

- live Pixel preview, right now you have to save to see what the actual pixel version looks like.

- Angle snapping while rotating

- Hold Shift modify to nudge/snap in whole pixels while nudging with Arrows or moving with mouse

- Copy, cut and past using Ctrl+C, Ctlr+X, Ctrl+V all seem to not be working.

- Pen/pencil/curve tool, basically some way to draw just a vector curve line.

My art computer is offline only no internet connection, so I can't have steam. Listing also doesn't state that it requires steam.

At first glance this looked interesting, but then I noticed no updates since 2019.

Getting the error: Steam Connection Error when trying to launch the program.

This script is still amazingly useful, thanks for keeping it up on

Aseprite's built in system only lets you snap to single cells where as this lets me select a big general area and then snap to all the cells saving a lot of time when re-organizing a bunch of cells.

Is this project still alive?

NP,  I just like to write reviews on steam when possible for games I like on and no one takes reviews without varified ownership  and playtime seriously on steam.

Just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to make these wonderful experiences. 

Any chance for a Steam key?

Just trying to play with a keyboard in the frist white room as soon as I walk up to the stand the screen fills with 0's? and the game stops running....

I wanted to invert the X-axis mapping but the Unity Input system doesn't reconzie my Xbox One contorler Axis [It reconizes the buttons and a web search shows this is an issue with the game code] 

The worst part is that there is no way to reset the input settings so now the game is unplayable as the axis can not be remaped to default.

In the "Local  Variables Window" you can't select "String" as the type to add the interface doesn't reconize it's being clicked and there's no keyboard navigation to select it either.

OS: Windows 10 64-bit Pro

Tried on steam so I'd be able to get a refund just in case since I went into it not really sure if it was going to be my thing. 

Actually turns out I loved it! Until the invisible walls quickly drove me insane.  As someone who has played many open world games there really isn't much else that damages the flow and feel more then not being able to walk or jump somewhere that you should be able to.

I'd recommend taking a page from obduction's book and just letting people run around everywhere they can get to with a quick and easy option to get unstuck when they fall out in the cracks.

I'll keep an eye on the Dev log when/if the invisible wall mayhem is taken care of I'll try the game again.

I started with 2.0 then after a couple of hours playing with it downloaded and played with 1.3.

My major first impression is that out of the box 1.3 currently feels like the major upgrade in progress and 2.0 feels like the old version. 

The big things I noticed that made me feel this way:

The move/resize gizmo tool in 1.3 is far better then the one in 2.0.

The 2.0 move/resize gizmo feels like a major downgrade as it is so much harder to keep things alighned and moving in the correct direction.

Middle mouse panning is vastly better in 1.3: [though it is slow and could use a speed bump]

In 2.0 middle mouse panning is inaccurate and sloppy making it so you have to readjust and do a lot of needless spining a round to get the angle that you want. 

Copy & Past works more naturally in 1.3:

Copy & Past works as expected of a program in 1.3, whereas 2.0 acts strange and unnatural compared to any other 2D/3D program I have ever used.

Texture paint tab  feels like a  downgrade:

1.3 You can add new colors right in the tab, whereas 2.0 you have to use a menubar item.

In 1.3 you can also see all the textures at one time rather then having to click through drop downs which is a lot faster.

Overall I was feeling rather disappointed with my purchase of 2.0 and how sloopy it was feeling.  1.3 however leaves a vastly better impression due to it's tighter and overall better general controls and interface.

- Quick button to re Alighn an object to the floor/gird layer.

- Object Alighnmeant tools 

- Option to show Front, side, and top wireframe views in a side bar on the right hand side to make it easier to alighn objects by hand.

Really am not seeing even a vague idea of how many more blocks deluxe has over the standard version.

Do you get a steam key with purchase on

This is a really cool starting template I expect it to be very helpful thank you!

Notice there hasn't been any activity on the github for a while you still working on it at all or have you entirely moved over to other projects?

If you're still working on it and open to requests it would be awesome to see:

- Charge attack by holding the attack button.


- Ledge grab.

Has this been tested with 3.2?